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Publications 2010-2016

2014 Publications

Chauveau, C., Bonnemann, C.G., Julian, C., Kho, A.L., Marks, H., Talim, B., Maury, P., Arne-Bes, M.C., Uro-Coste, E., Alexandrovich, A., Vihola, A., Schafer, S., Kaufmann, B., Medne, L., Hübner, N., Foley, A.R., Santi, M., Udd, B., Topaloglu, H., Moore, S.A., Gotthardt, M., Samuels, M.E., Gautel, M. and Ferreiro, A. (2014) Hum. Mol. Genet., 23, 980-991. Recessive TTN truncating mutations define novel forms of core myopathy with heart disease

IF: 6.677



Fernandes da Costa, S.P., Savva, C.G., Bokori-Brown, M., Naylorm C.E., Moss, D.S., Basak, A.K. and Titball, R.W. (2014) Toxins (Basel), 6, 1049-1061. Identification of a key residue for oligomerisation and pore-formation of Clostridium perfringens NetB

IF: 2.480


da Silva, M.A., Bode, F., Drake, A.F., Goldoni, S., Stevens, M.M. and Dreiss, C.A. (2014) Macromol. Biosci., 14, 817-830. Enzymatically cross-linked gelatin/chitosan hydrogels: tuning gel properties and cellular response

IF: 3.650


Darby, J.F., Krysztofinska, E.M., Simpson, P.J., Simon, A.C., Leznicki, P., Sriskandarajah, N., Bishop, D.S., Hale, L.R., Alfano, C., Conte, M.R., Martinez-Lumbreras, S., Thapaliya, A., High, S. and Isaacson, R.L. (2014) 9(11):e113281. Solution structure of the SGTA dimerisation domain and investigation of its interactions with the ubiquitin-like domains of BAG6 and UBL4A

IF: 3.534



Drinkwater, N., Cossins, B.P., Keeble, A.H., Wright, M., Cain, K., Hailu, H., Oxbrow, A., Delgado, J., Shuttleworth, L.K., Kao, M.W.-P., McDonnell, J.M., Beavil, A.J., Henry, A.J. and Sutton, B.J. (2014) Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 21, 397-404. Human immunoglobulin E flexes between acutely bent and extended conformations

IF: 11.633


Jawad, R., Drake, A.F., Elleman, C., Martin, G.P., Warren, F.J., Perston, B.B., Ellis, P.R., Hassoun, M.A. and Royall, P.G. (2014) Mol. Pharm., 11, 2224-2238. Stability of sugar solutions: a novel study of the epimerization kinetics of lactose in water

IF: 4.210


Kozlowska, J., Vermeer, L.S., Rogers, G.B., Rehnnuma, N., Amos, S.-B.T.A., Koller, G., McArthur, M., Bruce, K.D. and Mason, A.J. (2014) PLoS Pathog., 10(5):e1004104.  Combined systems approaches reveal highly plastic responses to antimicrobial peptide challenge in Escherichia coli

IF: 8.057


Rahman, K.M., Corcoran, D.B., Bui, T.T., Jackson, P.J.M. and Thurston, D.E. (2014) PLoS One, 9(8):e105021. Pyrrolobenzodiazepines (PBDs) do not bind to DNA G-quadruplexes

IF: 3.534


Rostkova, E., Gautel, M. and Pfuhl, M. (2014) Biomol. NMR Assign. Solution NMR assignment of the heavy chain complex of the human cardiac myosin regulatory light chain


IF: 0.820

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