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Publications 2010-2016

2015 Publications


Burgess, S.G., Bayliss, R. and Pfuhl, M. (2015) Solution NMR assignment of the cryptic sixth TOG domain of mini spindles


Burgess, S.G., Peset, I., Joseph, N., Cavazza, T., Vernos, I., Pfuhl, M., Gergely, F. and Bayliss, R. (2015) Aurora-A-dependent control of TACC3 influences the rate of mitotic spindle assembly


Curtis, K.J., O’Brien, K.A., Tanner, R.J., Polkey, J.I., Minion, M., Feelisch, M., Polkey, M.I., Edwards, L.M. and Hopkinson, N.S. (2015) Acute dietary nitrate supplementation and exercise performance in COPD: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised controlled pilot dtusy


Dodev, T.S., Bowen, H., Shamji, M.H., Bax, H.J., Beavil, A.J., McDonnell, J.M., Durham, S.R., Sutton, B.J., Gould, H.J. and James, L.K. (2015) Allergy, doi: 10.1111/all.12607. Inhibition of allergen-dependent IgE activity by antibodies of the same specificity but different class

IF: 5.995


Hussein, D., Starr, A., Heikal, L., McNeill, E., Channon, K.M., Brown, P.R., Sutton, B.J., McDonnell, J.M. and Nandi, M. (2015) Validating the GTP-cyclohydrase 1-feedback regulatory complex as a therapeutic target using biophysical and in vivo approaches


Kwok, P.C.L., Grabarek, A., Chow, M.Y.T., Lan, Y., Li, J.C.W., Casettari, L., Mason, A.J. and Lam, J.K.W. (2015) Inhalable spray-dried formulation of D-LAK antimicrobial peptides targeting tuberculosis


Ma, M.T., Meszaros, L.K., Paterson, B.M., Berry, D.J., Cooper, M.S., Ma, Y., Hider, R.C. and Blower, P.J. (2015) Tripodal tris(hydroxypyridinone) ligands for immunoconjugate PET imaging with 89Zr4+: comparison with desferrioxamine-B


Ma, M.T., Cullinane, C., Imberti, C., Baguna Torres, J., Terry, S.Y.A., roselt, P., Hicks, R.J. and Blower, P.J. (2015) New tris(hydroxypyridinone) bifunctional chelators containing isothiocyanate groups provide a versatile platform for rapid one-step labeling and PET imaging with Ga3+


Martino, L., Pennell, S., Kelly, G., Busi, B., Brown, P., Atkinson, R.A., Salisbury, N.J.H., Ooi, Z.-H., See, K.-W., Smerdon, S.J., Alfano, C., Bui, T.T.T. and Conte, M.R. (2015) Nucleic Acids Res., 43, 645-660. Synergic interplay of the La motif, RRM1 and the interdomain linker of LARP6 in the recognition of collagen mRNA expands the RNA binding repertoire of the La module

IF: 8.808


Martino, L., Salisbury, N.J.H., Brown, P., Kelly, G., Atkinson, R.A. and Conte, M.R. (2015) 1H, 15N and 13C chemical shift assignments of the La motif and RRM1 from human LARP6


O’Brien, K.A., Griffin, J.L., Murray, A.J. and Edwards, L.M. (2015) Mitochondrial resposnes to extreme environments: insights from metabolomics


Pernigo, S., Fukuzawa, A., Pandini, A., Holt, M., Kleinjung, J., Gautel, M. and Steiner, R.A. (2015) J. Mol. Biol., 427, 718-736. The crystal structure of the human titin:obscurin complex reveals a conserved yet specific muscle M-band zipper module

IF: 3.959



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