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Martínez-Lumbreras, S., Alfano, C., Evans, N.J., Collins, K.M., Flanagan, K.A., Atkinson, R.A., Krysztoifinska, E.M., Vydyanath, A., Jackter, J., Fixon-Owoo, S., Camp, A.H. and Isaacson, R.L. (2018) Structural and functional insights into Bacillus subtilis sigma factor inhibitor, CsfB


O'Brien, K.A., Pollock, R.D., Stroud, M., Lambert, R.J., Kumar, A., Atkinson, R.A., Green, D.A., Anton-Solanas, A., Edwards, L.M. and Harridge, S.D.R. (2018) Human physiological and metabolic responses to an attempted winter crossing of Antarctica: the effects of prolonged hypobaric hypoxia


Pollpeter, D., Parsons, M., Sobala, A.E., Coxhead, S., Lang, R.D., Bruns, A.M., Papaioannou, S., McDonnell, J.M., Apolonia, L., Chowdhury, J.A., Horvath, C.M. and Malim, M.H. Deep sequencing of HIV-1 reverse transcripts reveals the multifaceted antiviral functions of APOBEC3G


Thapa, D., Nichols, C., Bassi, R., Martin, E.D., Verma, S., Conte, M.R., De Santis, V., De Nicola, G.F. and Marber, M.S. (2018) TAB1-induced autoactivation of p38α mitogen-activated protein kinase is crucially dependent on threonine 185


2017 Publications

Bax, H.J., Bowen, H., Beavil, R.L., Chung, R., Ward, M., Davies, A.M., Dodev, T.S., McDonnell, J.M., Beavil, A.J., Sutton, B.J. and Gould, H.J. (2017) IgE trimer drive SPE-7 cytokinergic activity


Chen, J.B., James, L.K., Davies, A.M., Wu, Y.B., Rimmer, J, Lund, V.J., Chen, J.H., McDonnell, J.M., Chan, Y.C., Hutchins, G.H., Chang, T.W., Sutton, B.J., Kariyawasam, H.H. and Gould, H.J. (2017) Antibodies and superantibodies in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps

Choo, J.M., Kanno, T., Zain, N.M., Leong, L.E., Abell, G.C., Keeble, J.C., Bruce, K.D., Mason, A.J. and Rogers, G.B. (2017) Divergent relationships between fecal microbiota and metabolome following distinct antibiotic-induced disruptions

Chowdhury, N.S., Sohrab, M.H., Rana, M.S., Hasan, C.M., Jamshidi, S. and Rahman, K.M. (2017) Cytotoxic naphthoquinone and azaanthraquinone derivatives from an endophytic Fusarium solani

Davies, A.M., Allan, E.G., Keeble, A.H., Delgado, J., Cossins, B.P., Mitropolou, A.N., Pang, M.O.Y., Ceska, T., Beavil, A.J., Craggs, G., Westwood, M., Henry, A.J., McDonnell, J.M. and Sutton, B.J. (2017) Allosteric mechanism of action of the therapeutic anti-IgE antibody omalizumab

Dhaliwal, B., Pang, M.O., Keeble, A.H., James, L.K., Gould, H.J., McDonnell, J.M., Sutton, B.J. and Beavil, A.J. (2017) IgE binds asymmetrically to its B cell receptor CD23

Doré, K.A., Davies, A.M., Drinkwater, N., Beavil, A.J., McDonnell, J.M. and Sutton, B.J. (2017) Thermal sensitivity and flexibility of the Cε3 domains in immunoglobulin E

Imberti, C., Terry, S.Y., Cullinane, C., Clarke, F., Cornish, G.H., Ramakrishnan, N.K., Roselt, P., Cope, A.P., Hicks, R.J., Blower, P.J. and Ma, M.T. (2017) Enhancing PET signal at target tissue in vivo: dendritic and multimeric tris(hydroxypyridinone) conjugates for molecular imaging of αvβ3 integrin expression with gallium-68


Krysztofinska, E.M., Evans, N.J., Thapaliya, A., Murray, J.W., Morgan, R.M.L., Martinez-Lumbreras, S. and Isaacson, R.L. (2017) Structure and interactions of the TPR domain of Sgt2 with yeast chaperones and Ybr137wp

Maraia, R.J., Mattijssen, S., Cruz-Gallardo, I. and Conte, M.R. (2017) The La and related RNA-binding proteins (LARPs): structures, functions, and evolving perspectives

Wang Erickson, A.F., Deighan, P., Chen, S., Barrasso, K., Garcia, C.P., Martínez-Lumbreras, S., Alfano, C., Krysztofinska, E.M., Thapaliya, A., Camp, A.H., Isaacson, R.L., Hochschild, A. and Losick, R. (2017) A novel RNA polymerase-binding protein that interacts with a sigma-factor docking site

Wylie, T., Garg, R., Ridley, A.J. and Conte, M.R. (2017) Analysis of the interaction of plexin-B1 with Rnd family proteins

Young, J.D., Abbate, V., Imberti, C., Meszaros, L.K., Ma, M.T., Terry, S.Y., Hider, R.C., Mullen, G.E. and Blower, P.J. (2017) 68Ga-THP-PSMA: a PET imaging agent for prostate cancer offering rapid, room temperature, one-step kit-based radiolabeling


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