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Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

In addition to providing access to genomics equipment, we also offer comprehensive services, listed below. If you're interested in using our services please contact us at to discuss the project.

Next Generation Sequencing

 NGS flowchart

  • Bulk and ultra-low input RNA sequencing

The Centre has extensive experience with mRNA and whole transcriptome sequencing projects using library preparation methods from NuGEN, Clontech/Takara, and New Englab Bioloabs (NEBNext). mRNA sequencing is now possible from as little as 10 pg of total RNA. A full comprehensive service from sample to data is available.

  • ChIP-Seq

The Centre has experience in ChIP-seq studies involving transcription factors and histone modifications and offers library preparation (NEBNext DNA Ultra II Kit) and sequencing. Please note that these samples should be submitted as ChIP DNA.

  • Single-cell 3’ gene expression analysis 

The 10X Single Cell Gene Expression protocol provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for cell characterisation and gene expression profiling of hundreds to tens of thousands of cells. 

In addition to gene expression profiling, the 10X Chromium platform offers a wide range of applications. We are constantly looking to expand the applications we can offer on the Chromium. If you are interested in an application that we are not yet offering, please let us know, we may be able to work on a collaborative basis. Please refer to the 10X Genomics website for more information on applications.

RNA Sample QC

RNA concentration, purity and integrity analysis by rRNA peaks, generates RNA Integrity Number (RIN) - using NanoDrop/QUBIT, and Bioanalyzer RNA chip. Please complete the Bioanalyzer service request form if you are interested in this service.

Real-time PCR projects

The Centre has two real-time PCR machines, the AB7500 FAST and the AB7900HT. We offer full comprehensive service for real-time PCR projects from RNA to data.



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