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Genomics Consumables

Genomics Consumables

You can purchase genomics consumables through the centre. Please see the internal site for availability and pricing.

Universal Probe Library (UPL)

We have recently purchased the Universal Probe Library (UPL) from Roche. The UPL is a set of 165 short (8- to 9-mer) fluorescently-labelled hydrolysis probes (synthesised from locked nucleic acid (LNA)) that are used in real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) reactions. The idea is that this library allows you to analyse any gene in any genome by qPCR, by using a specific probe from the library in combination with a well designed PCR primer assay.  
Because we have the probes in stock, this means all you have to do is design your PCR assay (using the free online assay design module at, order the PCR primers, and let us know which UPL probe(s) you need. Then, as soon as the primers arrive, you are ready to go. This is both much quicker and cheaper than Taqman assays (with similar results), and also more specific than SYBR Green assays. The library of individual probes has been aliquoted into small, affordable volumes. The UPL aliquots really come into their own for screening large numbers of genes, where the 'per gene' cost of Taqman assays becomes prohibitive.
Please see the UPL order form to request specific probes from the library. We also have organised a good discount quote for ordering PCR primers from Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) ( on top of the standard King' College London discount. Please contact us for more information.



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