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Cells & behaviour

Subcortical circuitries in sleep & arousal

Area of Research

RGC-trans-synaptically-labelled-with-rabies-SAD-DG-(red),-RGCs-(green)Our overall interest is to investigate the causal link between abnormal neural network assembly and maintenance and the appearance of behavioural traits associated with brain disorders. Particular emphasis is given to subcortical networks regulating the periodic oscillation between the alert, wake state and the sleep state. Our experimental approach relies on the combined application of functional neuroanatomy, genetics and behavioural tests. Ultimately, we aim at providing a mechanistic explanation for circadian rhythm and sleep disorders in humans.




Members of the Delogu Lab


Alessio Delogu, PI

Olivier Brock, Postdoctoral fellow

Polona Jager, PhD student

Hong-Ting Kwok, PhD student

Alastair Kirby PhD student

Anna Kroiss Erasmus visiting student

Gur-Simirun Bagary BSc student

Sanjeev Sharma BSc student

Past members

Lauren Strother, MSc student

Daniel Mensch, Erasmus visiting student

Yao Hui Mao, BSc trainee

Nuo En Julie Chan, BSc trainee



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