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Research in the Neurodegeneration Unit encompasses a wide range of neurodegenerative disorders, including dementias (such as Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementias), motor neuron diseases (such as amyotrophic sclerosis (ALS) ataxias), and Parkinson’s disease and related disorders (such as progressive supranuclear palsy). Using a combination of in vitro and in vivo techniques, we focus on understanding the genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie the development and progression of neurodegenerative disease with the aim of identifying novel therapeutics for treating these disorders.

Our strong background in the discovery of disease-related genes (particularly in ALS), and in determining the relationship between normal protein function and aberrant disease processes, underpins much of the pre-clinical and clinical research undertaken by clinical and basic scientists working together within the unit and in collaboration with international research teams.

Increasing our knowledge of the ways in which genetic information controls neural circuits, neuronal development and behaviour will also provide insight into the processes affected in diseases of the brain. Our combined approaches of genetic, molecular, cellular and whole animal studies incorporate disease modelling in primary cells, cell lines and stem cells, through to transgenic mice and flies. We are actively investigating pathological processes to determine how disease-relevant genes and proteins perturb molecular processes related to neurodegeneration, such as signal transduction, protein trafficking and axonal transport, protein-protein interactions, mitochondrial abnormalities, oxidative stress, mRNA metabolism, and protein structure using genetic, biochemical, proteomic and structural tools. These pre-clinical studies feed into the clinical application of our findings and provide scope for the development of new effective therapies for treating neurodegenerative disease.

Research groups

Cell Biology of the Neuron During Ageing and Neurodegeneration
Princial Invesitgator: Alessio Vagnoni
Aberrant TDP-43 Homestasis in Neurodegeneration
Principal Investigator: Jemeen Sreedharan

Cell and molecular biology of neurodegenerative diseases.
Principal investigator: Professor Christopher Miller

Dementia and related tauopathies
Principal investigator: Diane Hanger

Genetics and cell biology of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Principal investigator: Professor Christopher Shaw (Head of Department)

Glial Cells and Neurodegeneration
Principal investigator: Maria Jimenez Sanchez

Molecular basis of neurodegenerative diseases
Principal investigator: Annalisa Pastore

Molecular mechanisms of FUS-related neurodegeneration
Principal investigator: Caroline Vance

Molecular mechanisms of genetic diseases underlying neurodegeneration
Principal investigator: Salvatore Adinolfi

Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration and neurogenesis (Bateman Lab)
Principal Investigator: Joe Bateman
The Bateman Lab also works on topics related to the Cells and Behaviour Unit

Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration
Principal investigator: Manolis Fanto

Neural circuits and behaviour
Principal investigator: Frank Hirth

Principal investigator: Dr Claire Troakes

RNA and RNA processing in neurodegeneration / RNA-based therapeutic strategies
Principal investigator: Jean Marc Gallo

Sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Principal investigator: Professor Ammar Al-Chalabi

Tau-associated neurodegeneration
Principal investigator: Wendy Noble

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