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Art exhibitions at the Centre

Art exhibitions at the SGDP Centre

At the SGDP Centre, we have hosted many art exhibitions since opening. Each exhibition typically runs for approximately three months, with many artists being local and with often some connection to work in the mental health sector and/or a personal connection to mental health disorders.

Please see the links on the left for both previous and forthcoming exhibitions.



'Visions of the Unseen'

Visions of the Unseen final 3



‘Visions of the Unseen’ is an exhibition featuring works by a collection of solo artists, each of whom responded to a ‘call for artists’ made by The Psychedelic Trials Group (PTG) at King’s College London. The invitation was one to explore the psychedelic experience- often aptly described as ineffable and indescribable- through visual artistic mediums.


Human societies have used psychedelics for millennia; for religious practices and ceremonies, as tools for exploration of the self, recreationally and importantly, as medicines. The cultural narratives surrounding their use are diverse.


Yet each individual brings their own personal history, beliefs and cultural context to the table. One may believe these altered states of consciousness arise as products of brain activity. Others may believe that these experiences are journeys into non-ordinary realities, an opportunity to enter into the spirit world. Regardless, the experiential richness of a psychedelic experience holds personal value and meaning, which may translate into useful and effective therapeutic tools.Thus, each psychedelic experience is unique.


This exhibition aims to explore that individuality via the interpretations of seven different artists;


Bethan McFadden

Carolina Maggio

Christina Nteventzi

Dilfer Sade Nasir

James Jessiman

Matt Wilson

Ruby Kester


Research into the use of psychedelic substances, such as psilocybin and LSD, and their psychiatric applications, has seen a resurgence in recent decades. At King’s College London, the PTG are currently investigating the use of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of depression.


If you are an artist, and are interested in having your work displayed at the SGDP, please get in touch.

Visitors to art exhibitions are welcome to visit during office hours (Monday – Friday from 9am – 16:30pm).

Please note that the MRC SGDP Centre closes promptly to the public at 5pm. If you have any queries about visiting, please call reception on 020 7848 0873. 
We are not open on bank holidays.

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