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The IoPPN Genomics & Biomarker Core Facility

The IoPPN Genomics & Biomarker Core Facility within King's College London offers an array of services from sample preparation to bioinformatics support. The facility is a CSPro certified provider of Illumina's platforms and assays for genotyping and gene expression and we can provide epigenetic profiling using the 450K BeadChip and immunoassays via MSD assays for cytokines and chemokines, with state of the art robotics and LIMS tracking of samples at the MRC SGDP Centre, Institute of Psychiatry Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN), KCL.

Certain items of equipment are available for use by individual researchers or groups based at King’s College London by prior arrangement and training will be provided where necessary. Please see the different sections in the following drop-down list for more information on each of these.

Genomic services we offer include:

- DNA/RNA extraction from blood & saliva

- Automated blood fractionation (Plasma, Serum, Buffy coat)

- Nucleic acid Quantification & QC

- Automated sample prep & normalisation

- Illumina genotyping, gene expression and methylation beadchip analysis

- Immunoassay analysis (cytokines and chemokines)

 For Bioinformatics support/service only, please click here



Our Equipment

Illumina HiScan platform with Autoloader 2.X and Tecan Evo

The Illumina HiScan system is a dedicated array scanner that supports rapid, sensitive, and accurate imaging of Illumina's BeadAarray-based genetic analysis products. Applications include Whole Genome Genotyping and Copy Number Variation Analysis, Cytogenetic Analysis, DNA Methylation Analysis, FFPE Sample Analysis, Whole Genome Gene Expression profiling. Coupled with a customised Tecan liquid handling robot for sample preparation and the Autoloader 2.X for automated, continuous BeadChip array loading and scanning it is possible for us to process over a 1000 samples per week.


Hamilton easyBlood fractionation system

Sample preparation often requires the splitting of blood samples into its basic components such as serum or plasma, or constituent cell types of white blood cells (buffy coat) and red blood cells. These separate components then are used for immediate sample analysis or DNA extraction or sent to a store for later use. The easyBlood system is designed to support this preparation process and maintain the quality and integrity of the sample and the associated data, and make it safer for  the operator. 

easyBlood is able to detect plasma, serum, buffy coat and gel separator fractions in centrifuged blood tubes and automatically separates and aliquots these fractions into target containers or downstream applications. The system uses CCD camera technology, software and precision hardware to identify the three fractions of blood and calculate their exact positions within the sample tube. 


Hamilton Microlab STAR with integrated Thermo Cytomat 10 Hotel and

The Microlab STAR is a multi-channel robotic pipetting platform designed to accommodate multiple applications in the life sciences. The STAR offers patented coupling technology, interchangeable disposable and steel tips, novel liquid level detection, monitored air-displacement pipetting, independently spreadable pipetting channels, improved contamination prevention and enhanced throughput options.

The Cytomat 10 Hotel is a high speed, automated ambient storage and incubation module for microplates that houses 10 stackers (up to 280 microplates).

The CLARIOstar® is a multimode microplate reader with advanced LVF Monochromators™, highly sensitive filters, and an ultra-fast UV/Vis spectrometer. It is a modular microplate reader with up to eight different detection modes: fluorescence intensity (including FRET), fluorescence polarization, luminescence (including BRET), UV/Vis absorbance, time-resolved fluorescence (including TR-FRET), and AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA®.

This integrated system is capable of high throughput cherry-picking of samples, DNA/RNA quantification, sample normalisation and other applications including NGS library preparation. 


Applied Biosystems 7900HT Real-time PCR

Our 7900HT, using a 384-well block, can measure gene expression levels, detect and quantitate pathogens, perform allelic discrimination (SNP genotyping) assays as well as score the presence of specific gene sequences.


Sequenom MassARRAY System

Our Sequenom MassARRAY MALDI-TOF system is ideal for medium throughput genetic analysis applications, including SNP genotyping, DNA methylation analysis, quantitative gene expression and Copy Number Variation analysis.


Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer platform

Our Bioanalyzer uses microfluidic Lab-on-a-chip technology for the analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins as an alternative to standard gel electrophoresis techniques. The Bioanalyzer RNA kits are the industry standard for RNA quality assessment (RIN), allowing reliable and precise integrity checks and sample quantitation prior to use of samples in any RNA dependent application.


MESO QuickPlex SQ 120

The QuickPlex instrument is the newest multiplexing instrument from MSD, offering affordable access to high performance, electrochemiluminescence immunoassays. The combination of rapid read times and the ability to perform multiple, simultaneous tests on a single sample increases productivity, conserves sample, and delivers results quickly. The QuickPlex has a wide menu of commercially available assay kits and a full line of components and reagents for developing your own assays.


Contact Us

If you are interested in discussing your project requirements further, or have any general enquiries, please email or call Charles Curtis on 0207 848 0775.

Alternatively, you can also  email the facility or contact us by post:

IoPPN Genomics & Biomarker Core Facility

Rm CB.12

Box PO82

SGDP Centre

Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience

King's College London

DeCrespigny Park


SE5 8AF 


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