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Diversity & Inclusion Self-Assessment Team

The IoPPN Diversity & Inclusion Self-Assessment Team (D&I SAT) was formed in 2012 to deliver Women In Science project and later on to implement the Athena SWAN (AS) silver and King's Race Equality Charter Mark (RECM) action plans. The team evolved over the years and so its principle responsibilities have evolved, too. The SAT has currently two aims:


1.      to champion, implement and monitor the IoPPN AS silver, King’s REM            and Stonewall action plans across the faculty;  


2.      and to extend the AS work under the auspices of the gender equality              charter mark to include professional/support services, trans                              staff/students and intersectionality. 


The D&I SAT has a diverse membership of academics, students, research and professional services staff with a representative from each academic/ student/ professional services department.  The group discusses, implements, promotes and monitors faculty-level objectives and strategies aimed at improving the environment for all staff and students. The D&I SAT carry out its responsibilities via subgroups (e.g. working groups and networks) as appropriate. It reports to the IoPPN’s Institute Management Board (IMB). 


The D&I SAT specific responsibilities include: 

  • to drive the implementation of relevant action plans, to ensure that D&I policies are effectively translated into programmes of action at faculty level, and that smart measures are in place to monitor future progress;
  • to act as a forum for discussing, adapting and creating D&I policies, practices and priorities, and to ensure D&I policies and procedures are effectively disseminated and promoted across the faculty;
  • to advise the Executive Dean and Director of Administration & Institute Secretary on strategic policy developments relating to D&I, their integration into the Faculty’s/King’s overall strategic plans and on their implementation;
  • to scrutinise and comment on data and other qualitative and quantitative information in order to identify key findings, gaps and areas that will require further research and will feed into the IoPPN’s Athena SWAN silver resubmission;
  • to prepare an annual report of progress to IMB.


The D&I SAT has formed 6 working groups, which co-operate with other members of staff and students with particular knowledge and experience, to consider specific issues, when appropriate. Some working groups also have associated networks.

Our Representatives


Division of Academic Psychiatry
Department Membership

Addiction Sciences

Dr Nicola Metrebian 

Deputies: Dr Rebecca McDonald & Chinye Osai

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Professor Katya Rubia

Deputy: Dr Dennis Golm

Forensic & Neurodevelopmental Science

Dr Deidre Macmanus

Deputy: Dr Penelope Brown

Old Age Psychiatry

Dr Rebecca Pinto

Deputy: Dr Michael Haworth

Psychological Medicine

Dr Roland Zahn

Deputy: Dr Anna Kolliakou

Psychosis Studies

Dr Conrad Iyegbe

Deputy: Dr Alice Egerton

Division of Psychology & Systems Sciences

 Department Membership
Biostatics & Health Informatics

Professor Sabine Landau

Deputy: Josephine Mumford

Health Services & Population Research

Dr Claire Henderson

Deputy: Linda Parker

MRC Social Genetic &

Developmental Psychiatry



Dr Sylvane Desrivieres

Deputy: Professor Jonna Kuntsi

Dr June Brown

Dr Juliana Onwumere

Division Of Neuroscience

 Department Membership
Basic & Clinical Neuroscience

Dr Sandrine Thuret

Deputy: Professor Diane Hanger

Developmental Neurobiology

Dr Camilla Larsen

Deputy: Dr Clemens Kicker



Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases

Dr Mark Tricklebank


Dr Susan Duty

Deputy: Dr Morag Lewis

 Representative Area Membership
Student Representative Itzia Morales (Psychosis Studies)
PhD Representative Laura Ajram (FANS)
Professional Services Representative Jasbir Rana (Dean's Office)

Senior Professional Services Representative

Research Assistant Representative

Senior Innovation Committee Representative

Steve Shemilt (Dean's Office)

Kideshini Widyaratna (Addictions)

vacant (RIC)

Other Areas
 Area Membership
Biomedical Research Center (BRC)

Professor Matthew Hotopf

Deputy: vacant


Professor Patrick Leman

Deputy: Carolyn Hodgman


Natalie Littleson

Deputy: Holly Andrew

Executive Dean & Head of School Professor Ian Everall
Human Resources

Karen Gill

Deputy: Jacqueline Gentles,

Jamie Beaven

Press & Communications


Previous Chair

Louise Pratt

Deputy: Abigail Russell

Professor Elizabeth Kuipers

D&I Champions
 Championed Area Champion
Gender Equality Champion Dr Sandrine Thuret (BCN)
LGBT+ Co-Champions

Dr Clemens Kicker (CDN)

Dr Kate Rimes (Psychology)

Parents' Champion Dr Alex Dregan (Public Health Sciences)
Carers' Champion

Dr Juliana Onwumere (Psychology)

Post-Doctoral Champion Dr Conrad Iyegbe
Professional Services Champion Zarsh Divecha (Dean's Office)

Race Equality Co-Champions


Disability Champion

Dr Sylvane Desrivieres (SGDP)

Dr Renee Romeo (HSPR)


London Champions

Dr Billy Gazard (Psychological Medicine)

Dr Margaret Heslin (HSPR)

Student Champion

Selina Geppert (Psychosis)

Core Team
 Chair  Professor Ann McNeill 
 Deputy Chair  Dr Stephani Hatch
 Project Manager  Sabina Khanom
 Project Officer  Gabriela Weglowska
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Contact us

For any D&I inquiries, contact us at

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If you would like to learn more about D&I please take a look at some of the videos and reading materials on our Resources page.


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