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Arts in Mind Festival

Arts in Mind Festival: 4-10 June 2018

aim-banner-blankUnderstanding mental health, the mind and the brain through the arts

Arts in Mind is a week-long festival celebrating innovative collaborations between researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) and the creative and cultural sector. It showcases work that explores new ways to improve wellbeing and facilitate a better understanding of mental health, the brain and the mind. 

The festival features over 30 exhibitions, performances, screenings and workshops on topics as diverse as psychological wellbeing in pregnancy to music and images as mood enhancers.

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique series of one-off experiences. Many of the events are ticketed so be sure to book before they sell out!

The Arts in Mind festival has been produced and delivered by King's College London's Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, working with the university's specialist Culture teams, and marks the 20th anniversary of the IoPPN joining King’s. The festival also coincides with Creativity and Wellbeing Week.

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Exhibitions on all week


Losing one’s sense of self: exploring the effects of frontal lobe brain damage

4-10 June, Maudsley Hospital, Denmark Hill


Maternal Journal

4-10 June, Fetal Medicine Research Institute, Denmark Hill


Narrating Plasticity: Sculpting stories of change between neuroscience and the plastic arts

4-8 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill

Losing one’s sense of self is a
collaboration between the IoPPN Department of Basic & Clinical Neuroscience and artists Isla Millar
and Iris Musel, which explores these changes by using art as a research tool to help individuals communicate their lived experience.

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This display of artworks was 
produced by pregnant women
and new mothers with a history of mild to moderate mental health problems, who took part in the Maternal Journal project. 

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This sculptural installation presents
work by ceramic artist Amanda
Doidge, whose collaboration with the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute at the IoPPN opens dialogues between the neurosciences and the arts surrounding conceptions of “plasticity”.

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4-8 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill


I Run and Run, Let Out An Earth-Shattering Roar and Turn Into A Giant Octopussy

4-24 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill


Weaving a New Story

4-10 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill

Teresa Albor is artist-in-residence
in the IoPPN Department of
Addictions. See and hear Teresa’s audio-visual and aural works in
various locations,
exploring unconditional love and opioid use. 

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Artist Kai Syng Tan invites you to see
her #MagicCarpet, the tapestry
developed during her
artist-in-residency in the IoPPN
Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre, weaving science
and art together to celebrate mind wandering, magic carpets, mapping,
small talk and productive

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This photographic exhibition features beautiful close up images of a textile quilt, which was produced by mothers with post-natal depression as part of a collaborative 
project between clinical psychologist 
Dr Tamara Russell at the IoPPN 
Department of Neuroimaging and 
artist Liz Finegold.

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Cerebral City

4-10 June, SGDP Centre, Denmark Hill


Heroin Bodies

4-8 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill


Talking Heads

4-10 June, SGDP Centre, Denmark Hill

The human mind as a living,
moving, city is the central metaphoric idea of this project, which explores the affinities between the structure of the brain and the landscape of the city. 

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Don’t forget to breathe by artist Galia Rybitskaya is an animation that forms part of Heroin Bodies, a larger collaborative project with Basak Tas, Research Student at the IoPPN National Addiction Centre. 

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An exhibition of works by artist Mel Brimfield, whose collaboration with the IoPPN Department of Psychosis explores the phenomenon of hearing voices and hallucination through drawings and a series of monologue based binaural sound works, written for and performed by David Cann.

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Events on Tuesday 5 June



5 June, SGDP Centre, Denmark Hill


Chromotrope Family Workshop

5 June, SGDP Centre, Denmark Hill


Is it “normal” to be psychotic?

5 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill

Join a workshop for carers of
people with dementia to create
colourful magic lanterns whilst learning about how colour can be used to help relax people and calm nerves. Participants will also have the opportunity to see the
artwork Chromotrope which inspired this workshop.

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Join this family workshop to create colourful magic lanterns, whilst learning about the science of
dementia and how colour can be used to help relax people and calm nerves. Participants will also have the opportunity to see the artwork Chromotrope which inspired this workshop. 

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You are invited to a discussion about how art can convey the experience of psychosis, and how it can reduce the stigma associated with psychotic disorders. The event will include a presentation about Altered States of Consciousness, an immersive art installation exploring psychotic symptoms.

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Wandering Minds

5 June, South London Gallery, Camberwell


Urban Mind Discussion

5 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill


Weaving a new story: mindful movement safari

5 June, Ruskin Park, Denmark Hill

An evening of fun encounters and conversations. Through a playful
speed date format, you are invited to
share your own perspectives and experiences of mind wandering and neurodiversity. Alongside Dr Kai
Syng Tan and Professor of Molecular Psychiatry Philip Asherson of #MagicCarpet, we will be joined by
artist Daniel Oliver, Lead clinician and Consultant psychiatrist Dr Ulrich Müller, UKAAN Committee Member Jane Sedgwick, and Artsadmin Head of Artist Development Dr Cecilia Wee.

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You are invited to a presentation about Urban Mind, an innovative smartphone app developed in a collaborative research project between arts foundation Nomad Projects, landscape architects J&L
Gibbons and the IoPPN. The app encourages users to record and reflect on how their mental state is affected by their experience of city living.

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You are invited to take part in a mindful movement session in Ruskin Park, near Denmark Hill. This workshop will be led by clinical psychologist and Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, Dr Tamara Russell. Restore your attention by spending time in nature, tune into, and care for your body, and learn the art of mindful movement. 

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Events on Wednesday 6 June


Kitchen Revoluion: 
Mental health & trauma: what can we do to support refugees?

6 June, Secret Location, SE15


Maternal Journal: Explore creative journaling and ‘Concrete’ Poetry

6 June, Fetal Medicine Research Institute, Denmark Hill


Maternal Journal: Explore creative journaling and ‘Automatic’ drawing

6 June, Fetal Medicine Research Institute, Denmark Hill

Join us for the next Kitchen Revolution supper club – an intimate evening of dinner, debate and dissent, curated by Belarus Free Theatre.

Kitchen Revolution is a series of evenings that combine supper and secrecy, all served with a dash of sedition.

Guests will enjoy a feast of home-cooked Soviet food and wine with lively conversation around the subject of refugees and mental health.

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This workshop, aimed at mothers, expectant mothers and women interested in creative and interdisciplinary approaches to
mental health & wellbeing, explores the tradition of women’s diary and journal keeping as an expressive and
therapeutic practice. 

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This workshop, aimed at mothers, expectant mothers and women interested in creative and interdisciplinary approaches to mental health & wellbeing, explores the tradition of women’s diary and journal keeping as an expressive and therapeutic practice.

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Maternal Journal - explore creative and interdisciplinary practices that support perinatal mental health and wellbeing

6 June, Fetal Medicine Research Institute, Denmark Hill


Mobile eye tracking as a tool to explore the artistic mind

6 June, SGDP Centre, Denmark Hill


MONSTER: Mutate Your Expectations

6 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill

Join a panel of midwives,
researchers, writers, artists, and mothers for their presentation about Maternal Journal, an example of a collaborative project that explores the tradition of women’s diary and journal keeping as an expressive, creative, and therapeutic practice to enhance mental health & wellbeing. 

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We will bring the latest eye tracking glasses into the SGDP arts exhibition to demonstrate how eye movements link art works to their mental representation – and let volunteers experience how scientists observe and analyse their interaction with the exhibits in the gallery.

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This workshop invites you to create photographs exploring how social and cultural expectations around fertility and gender influence our attitudes to the menopause or early menopause.   It is inspired by research suggesting that anxiety and depression, often reported as symptoms of the menopause, may not just be the result of hormonal change.  

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My Memory Forest

6 June, Camberwell Library, Camberwell


psychART: Create and Connect

6 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill


Sound Mind: Scratch orchestra workshop

6 June, Weston Education Centre Gym, Denmark Hill

This story-reading and art session for children aged 6-8 years will explore the richly illustrated story My Memory Forest, which was produced by artist
Ali Winstanley and psychologists at the IoPPN Department of Psychology. My Memory Forest was developed to enhance children’s
wellbeing by helping them explore negative feelings and how to deal with them.

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An interactive workshop aimed at
mental health professionals. We will be using various creative mediums to explore the role non-verbal feedback can play in understanding patient encounters and the impact our
sensory environment can have on our emotions and interactions with others. 

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Led by pianist Christina McMaster, you are invited to join a scratch orchestra workshop to explore & perform Terry Riley’s In C. Riley’s work inspired the Sound Mind project that grew from Christina’s collaboration with the IoPPN Department of Addictions in 2017.


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Visualising the Invisible: Arts For Mental Health Education

6 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill

The ‘Visualising the Invisible’ interactive pop-up invites visitors to the Arts in Mind festival to consider how the arts can be used in mental health education.  

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Events on Thursday 7 June


Creative Arts Hub Zimbabwe

7 June, SGDP Centre, Denmark Hill


Illusions - A window to your brain

7 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill


Queering Love, Queering Hormones

7 June, Weston Education Centre, Denmark Hill

Can a music and drama intervention improve emotional wellbeing in stressed young people living with HIV  in Zimbabwe? Can it even improve engagement with HIV care and immune function?

You are invited to a film screening
and panel discussion exhibiting
the ‘Creative Arts Hub Zimbabwe’,
a collaborative project between the Magitare Trust, the Brit School,
the Zvandiri charity, and the IoPPN Health Services & Population Research Department. 

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How does schizophrenia help us understand the “healthy” brain? This discussion event will explore this
question through the lens of a multi-media installation, which demonstrates the diverging perceptual processes between people with schizophrenia and those without.

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What does traditional narrative cinema tell us about romantic love? And how does it contrast with what science tells us? These short films explore the perceived role of “love” hormones (such as oestrogen and testosterone) in our emotional experiences as a way of exploding assumptions about art and "hard" biomedical science when it comes to love and notions of queer romantic agency.

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Weaving a new story:
Sashiko SewMindful

7 June, SGDP Centre, Denmark Hill

You are invited to take part in a
workshop combining the craft of
textiles and quilting with mindfulness practice.

No previous experience is necessary
and all materials will be provided.

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Events on Friday 8 June



8 June, Theatre Delicatessen, Camberwell



8 June, SGDP Centre, Denmark Hill


Losing one’s sense of self: exploring the effects of frontal lobe brain damage - Workshop

8 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill

A performer delivers a speech on society. But, under examination, the language breaks down, fragments
and reforms as a visceral anxious episode, defined by the relationship the speaker has with
everyone else in the room. DIE OR RUN explores worry, social anxiety, panic and how our mental health might be connected to current and inherited political policy.

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You are invited to a listening and co-creation session to explore how audio
and creative approaches can bridge the gap between people who have lived experiences of depression and those who don't. During the session you will get to listen to Headtrip: a
10-minute 3D audio experience of depression

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This creative workshop, run by artists Isla Millar and Iris Musel, invites participants to consider what is it that creates our sense of self? This will be explored through the creation of personalised “ID cards”. 

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Sound Mind: Exploring Psychedelia through Virtual
Reality and Piano

8 June, St John the Divine,


We Cannot Unsee

8 June, Weston Education Centre, Denmark Hill


Bittersuite: "Without Touch"

 8 June, Rich Mix, Bethnal Green                         

The IoPPN and pianist Christina
McMaster invite you to a unique
concert that combines the music of
Pärt, Cage & Riley with a Virtual
Reality experience.

Lie down and feel the music move
through you in this intimate concert, transcending reality by immersing
yourself in music and VR technology, stimulating your creativity and

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This film screening will explore the
potential of science fiction to convey
the experiences of people who live
with a range of psychological conditions.

We Cannot Unsee
is a series of
experimental short films made by
six young filmmakers that challenge the ways we understand and
see the world, representing neurodiversity in
non-pathological ways. 

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 A short multi-sensory piece which invites the audience to experience stories and memories of prolonged tactile deprivation.

Built across five days with a team of devisors: Michelle Wright, Sam Castell Ward, Linz Nakorn and Tiiu Mortly.

Without Touch is inspired by the notion that when we shake hands, hug, high five or wrap our arms around someone it brings us closer to that person.

Find out more                                                                         


Ah-hA! Arts and Learning in Health and Science

8 June, ORTUS Learning Centre, Denmark Hill

There is growing activity in research and learning at the interface between arts, health and science. Art-science collaboration projects typically argue for the benefits of art in supporting learning environments and motivation, and for harnessing students’ creativity as an instructional tool.

However, very little is known about the mechanisms through which art promotes learning, or indeed about how effective collaboration and creation happen when art meets science.

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Events on weekend 9-10 June


Carl Campbell 
Recycled Teenagers
'Power of
Dance' - a participatory workshop

Saturday 9 June, ORTUS Learning Centre,
Denmark Hill


RE:CREATE Psychiatry 
Collaborative Strivings, 
Measurable Parities, 
and Mutual Resistance 
The relationship 
between the arts and 
mental health
in clinical practice

Sunday 10 June, IoPPN, Denmark Hill

'Power Of Dance' is a dynamic
African-Caribbean music & dance
participatory workshop session for
adults, elders, and children aged 7+. 
The workshop is geared towards
improving mental and physical
health, well-being, social interaction
and a positive enjoyment of dance from a creative perspective. Guaranteed to make you 'FEEL GOOD'!  

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What goes into the fabric of
a successful collaboration 
between the arts and clinical practice?

What makes it meaningful and 
how should this be measured? 
And are these collaborations
taken seriously?

Join us for a lively discussion event, 
curated in collaboration with 
RE:CREATE Psychiatry
a service-user-led exploratory 

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