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IoPPN Postdoc Network

Post-Doc Events

The majority of events for postdocs are now run by the Centre for Research Staff Development and the IoPPN Research and Innovation Committee. Also see Postdoc Matters for some great post-doc relevant events.

We regularly meet for postdoc coffee mornings and post work drinks so keep an eye on your inbox for the next event!

Forthcoming Events

The IoPPN Research Festival 2022, will take place on Wednesday 11th May from 2-5pm online to showcase research from across the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College London. 

This year’s theme is ‘Translational Research: From Discovery to Impact’. Over 20 short talks and keynotes from Professor Louise Howard and Professor Peter Goadsby, as well as talks from our 3-minute thesis finalists and the two inaugural winners of our Open Research Awards, emphasising our commitment to our students and the promotion of open science practices.

Further details and registration can be found here

Read about previous Research Festivals here.


Past Events

Annual Postdoc Event: 'Alternative Career Paths'  | 9 March 2022

This online event was supported by the IoPPN Research and Innovation Committee.

Event Programme

CSRD | 11.00-11.30

Dr Tom Rusbridge - Research Staff Development Consultant, Centre for Research Staff Development, King's College London and Kate Murray - Senior Careers Consultant, Centre for Doctoral Studies and Centre for Research Staff Development, King's College London

Data Science | 11.30-12.00

Dr Grant Ian - Clinical Informatics Compute Support & Systems Engineer, King's College London and Dr Ming "Tommy" Tang - Director of Computational Biology, ImmunitasTx

Entrepreneurship | 12.00-12.30

Dr Emilia Molimpakis - Co-Founder & CEO Thymia and Dr Sotiris Kakanos - Entrepeneur, Autoscientific Ltd

Science Comms | 12:30-13.00

Nicola Williams - Science Communications Officer, ARUK and Dr Karli Montague-Cardoso - Editor Nature Neuroscience

Science & Charities | 14.00-14.30

Dr Jorge Gomez Magenti - Research Manager, ARUK and Dr Lorenzo de la Rica Lazaro - Research Programme Manager, Cancer Grand Challenges

Pharma & Infrastructure | 14.30-15.00

Dr Stefanie Dedeurwaerdere - Head of Epilepsy Research, UCB, Dr Rebecca Northeast - Technical Specialist, Proteintech and Dr Sarah Gibson - Open Source Infrastructure Engineer at 2i2c

Teaching | 15.00-15.30

Dr Brenda Williams - Lead for the MSc in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, IoPPN and Dr Eugenia Kravariti - Programme Leader, MSc in Mental Health Studies, IoPPN

Consultancy/Industry | 15.30-16.00

Dr Laure Lo Re - Consultancy and now startup researcher and Dr Michelle Edye - Research Funds Programme Manager

Link to recording here

Link to feedback form here

Research Staff Event | 20 June 2018

This year's Research Staff Event organised by the Centre for Research Staff Development was on the theme 'Taking Charge of your Future'

Event Programme

12:00  Lunch & Refreshments 

First come, first served

12:30   Welcome

Prof Reza Razavi, Vice President and Vice-Principal, Research & Innovation

12:40   Centre for Research Staff Development (CRSD) Update 

Dr Kathy Barrett, University Lead for Research Staff Development, CRSD

12:50    Research Staff Representative Committee Update

Alexandra Melaugh & Dr Michelle Edye, Members of the Research Staff Representative Committee

13:00    Panel

This panel discussion will include current researchers and KCL alumni discussing how they have pursued their career goals and took charge of their future while at King’s. You will have the opportunity to engage in discussion about the key factors (and roadblocks) associated with taking charge of your future at King’s.

13:40    Speed Networking with Exhibitors 

This session will provide you with the opportunity to engage with exhibitors from various departments at King's and to find out more about how they can support you. 

14:25    Tea/Coffee Break

14:45    Workshops    

The aim of these workshops is to foster greater connections between researchers and challenge you to consider what you are doing/could do to take charge of your future. They will be first come, first served on the day, so please consider your order of preference prior to the day. In all workshops, you will be asked break into groups and work together with your research staff peers to find a solution to something you have seen that can be changed at King’s; or design an activity or idea to take forward; which will relate to the theme of your workshop.

16:30    Competition

Research staff from each workshop will be invited to present the ideas and solutions that they devised during the workshops. The audience will vote for the best solution and the winning entrants will receive a prize. 

16:50   Prize Giving

Dr Nigel Eady, Director of Research Talent, CRSD & Centre for Doctoral Studies 

16:55   Closing Remarks

Dr Kathy Barrett, University Lead for Research Staff Development, CRSD

17:00   Close 

 Scientific Entrepreneurship: Turning Science into business | 13 June 2018

Postdoc Matters presents:

Dr Davide Danovi completed his postdoctoral training at Cambridge and UCL where he developed a screening platform to isolate compounds active on human neural stem cells from normal or brain tumour samples. He was then principal scientist at a novel biotechnology company founded to isolate drugs for regenerative medicine using stem cell technologies. In 2013, he joined the Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at King’s College London within the framework of the Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Initiative (HipSci). He is now setting up an innovative collaborative phenotyping space (The Stem Cell Hotel). He has several years experience focusing on stem cell biology, high content analysis and artificial microenvironments and applications of these fields in the interspace between University and biotechnology companies.

 Dr Benjamin Kottler Over the last 10 years has been working with flies. He studied learning and memory in Paris and then moved to Australia at the Queensland Brain Institute to study general anaesthesia and sleep. He is currently a postdoctoral research associate at KCL studying the mechanisms controlling action in the fly. In parallel, he developed his own methodology, the DART system. Around this software and in collaboration with an engineer and a computational neuroscientist he co-founded a company, BFKLAB, offering customer-made hardware equipment and user-friendly software solutions for drosophila behaviour. 

Both speakers will give us some tips about their research journey and how they started a business in science.

Come join us if you are considering starting your own startup company! 

Wednesday 13th June- 5pm to 6pm - Weston Education Centre - Classroom 4 - FREE DRINKS AND PIZZAS (Franco Manca :-p)

Cracking grant writing: Meet the funding body Managers | 8 May 2018

Postdoc Matters presents:

Dr Giovanna Lalli was a Lecturer in molecular neurobiology, leading a team identifying signalling pathways controlling neurogenesis in the postnatal mammalian brain at King's. In 2015 she joined Wellcome as Senior Portfolio Developer and served as Acting Head of the Neuroscience and Mental Health Department. She contributes to develop new strategic funding initiatives and interacts with a broad range of stakeholders within and outside Wellcome.

Dr Martin Broadstock  was a senior research fellow at King's, researching novel therapies for the treatment of dementia and Parkinson's disease. In 2017 he joined the MRC as the programme manager for Immunology. Since then he has been heavily involved in launching the five MRC/BBSRC funded Networks for Vaccine R&D together with MRCs involvement in the UK Vaccine Network. 

Both speakers will give us some tips about their research journey and their expectations regarding grant/project/initiative submissions

Come join us if you ever fancy getting or reviewing a grant !!

Tuesday 8th May - 5pm to 6pm - Wohl café - FREE DRINKS AND PIZZAS (Franco Manca :-p)

How to become a PI | April 2018

Posdoc Matters presents:

Dr Alessio Delogu is a senior lecturer at King's and leads amazing research on the diversity and function of subcortical inhibitory neurons, sleep and circadian rhythms disorders at the Maurice Wohl Institute. He started his own lab 5 years ago.

Dr Philip Holland  is a senior lecturer at King's and is truly passionate about developing an improved understanding of the basic biology of migraine and other primary headaches at the James Black Centre. He started his own lab 4 years ago.

Both speakers will give us some tips about their research journey and how to reach the top position and build up a solid research topic and a great team around it.

Come join us if you ever fancy developing your own lab !!

Tuesday 10th April - 5pm to 6pm - Wohl café - FREE DRINKS AND PIZZAS (Franco Manca :-p)

Science Communication: how to engage to the public and make your research more visible | 6 March 2018

Postdoc Matters presents Dr Sandrine Thuret, TED talk speaker

From PhD to Chief Editor: a researcher journey | 13 February 2018

Postdoc Matters presents Dr Darran Yates, Chief Editor of Nat Neurosci Rev

Baby in Science | 8 January 2018

Postdoc Matters presents 'postdocs & parenthooh' by Dr Samuel Cooke and Dr Beatriz Gomez Perez Nievas

From PhD to Industry | 5 December 2017

Postdoc Matters presents a researcher journey by Dr Floriana Licitra and Dr Chris Holton, both working at Elli-Lilly

From PhD to Fellowship: a researcher journey | 7 November 2017

Postdoc Matters presents Dr Jemeen Sreedharan and Dr Maria Jimenez Sanchez

Research Staff Event 2017 | 5 September 2017

The theme of this year's Research Staff Event was 'Getting Your Voice Heard'

Event Programme

10:00   Welcome

Professor Reza Rezavi, Vice President and Vice-Principal, Research & Innovation, King's College London

10:10   Centre for Research Staff Development Update

Dr Kathy Barrett, University Lead for Research Staff Development, King's College London

10:20   Keynote 1: History of Experts in Society

Dr Christine Kenyon-Jones, Writer, External Relations Directorate, King's College London

10:45   Keynote 2: Why Truth Matters; The role of experts and universities in a post-fact world 

Professor Jonathan Grant, Assistant Principal for Strategic Initiatives & Public Policy, King's College London

11:10   Break

11:25   Workshops 1: Areas in which to get your Voice Heard

These workshops are designed to help you learn about the various areas in which you may want to consider getting your voice heard.

You are required to select your preferred workshop when you register. Please read the information below.  

Important Information

12:25   Lunch & Exhibition

During lunch, you will have the opportunity to engage with exhibitors from many different departments at King's and find out more about how they support you. Additionally, your faculty research staff representatives will be available to discuss any local or faculty-specific support that is available.


13:25   Workshops 2: How to Communicate

These workshops will provide you with various tools to communicate effectively. During the workshop you will work with research staff from different disciplines to produce an output that captures how to get your voice heard that will be submitted to a competition. 

You are required to select your preferred workshop when you register. Please read the information below. 

Important Information

15:15   Break

15:30   Debate: This house believes that King's listens to its research staff

There will be two teams, one debating for and one against the motion. Each team will have 4 debaters and up to 6 support team members who will help research the motion & create opening/closing arguments. The team allocations will be random. If you wish to be on one of these teams, you must register for Workshop 1E. 

Researchers in the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions as part of the debate.

16:15   Keynote 3: Getting your Voice Heard as an Academic

Professor Fiona M. Watt FRS FMedSci, Director, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, King's College London


16:30   Prize giving for competition winners

16:45   King's Community Fund project - The King's Collaborator Locator

Dr K. Faith Lawrence, Dr Arna van Engelen, and Dr Alan Brailsford

16.50   Research Staff Representative Committee

Dr Martin Eichmann, Chair Research Staff Representative Committee

17:00   Close

Fellowship Training Event | 23 November 2016

This event, organised by the Research & Innovation Committee, was aimed at helping postdocs obtain the knowledge, confidence and skills to make a strong fellowship application.

Event programme

13.30 – 13:40
Welcome – Carmine Pariante

13:40 – 14.00
Overview of relevant fellowships for postdocs – Ying Chen

14.00 – 14.30
Fellowship Career paths from senior academics – Thalia Eley, Carmine Pariante

14.30 – 14.40

14.40 - 15.15
How to put an application together including budgeting – Kasia Haremza and Clarissa Edwards

15.15 – 15.45
Experience of current fellowship holders – Kirsty Winkley, Gemma Modinos, Whitney Scott, Deirdre MacManus – chaired by Nisha Singh

15:45 – 16.00
Q&A & Wrap-up – Carmine Pariante

Download the event slides here

Mock Fellowship interview event | 19 October 2016

This event was organised by Matteo Cella and the Research & Innovation Committee.

Panel members: Prof Anthony David (Psychiatry); Prof Mark Richardson (Neuroscience); Prof Cathryn Lewis (SGDP); Prof Richard Brown (Psychology); Dr Kimberly Goldsmith (Biostatistics).

Interviewees: Dr Tom McAdams (Henry Dale Fellowship) & Dr Alexis Cullen (Henry Wellcome Fellowship)

The panel of experts reviewed two fellowship applications which will be circulated to those who have registered a week before the event. On the day the panel discussed the merits and limitations of each application in a manner similar to that done in a real fellowship review panel. The panel then conducted interviews with the applicants in order to highlight common strengths and pitfalls of fellowship interviews, followed by feedback and discussion. The event endedwith a Q&A session. This is aimed at PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, lecturers, and other early-career researchers considering putting in an application for a fellowship. 

Download Fellowship Interview Guidance here

Get noticed - maximise your online research profile | 8 September 2016

Featuring: Linkedin, ResearchGate, Pure, Twitter

Speakers: Kate Murray, Sarah Griffiths, Dr Jenny Cook

Interactive workshops: Bring your laptop and update your profiles with help from the experts

A great online research profile will help you make a name for yourself, network, and stand out in job and fellowship applications. 

This event will ensure you make the most of online opportunities on LinkedIn, Pure, ResearchGate and Twitter. Kate Murray, Sarah Griffiths and Dr Jenny Cook will be speaking and running short workshops - please bring a laptop or tablet.

Maximise your online research profile is aimed at postdocs but anyone working or studying at KCL is welcome

Download the event slides here


IoPPN initiatives for postdoc career progression | 18 July 2016

The postdoc network committee held an event exploring the career development options open to postdocs at the IoPPN. Attendees found out more about the available initiatives from experts at the Institute, had their questions answered, and took the opportunity to network at a drinks reception.

Event slides can be found here and here


1.30pm: Introduction

1.40pm: Honorary Lecturer status (Education route and Research fellowship route) – Professor Edgar Jones (previous Interim Dean of Education) & Dr Ying Chen (Research Support Manager)

2.00pm: Progression from Grade 6 to 7 – Stuart McClellan (Human Resources Manager)

2.20pm: Q & A

2.30pm: Tea break

2.45pm: IoPPN policy on selecting applications for personal career awards and fellowships requiring institutional salary support e.g. NIRG –  Dr Ying Chen (Research Support Manager)

3.05pm: Independent Researcher Award – Dr Deepak Srivastava (member of the Independent Researcher Award Panel and Research & Innovation Committee)

3.20pm: Q & A

3.30pm: Procedure for career support for individuals on personal fellowship awards i.e. (consideration for a permanent post) -  Dr Ying Chen (Research Support Manager)

3.50pm: KCL training & development opportunities  – Dr Nigel Eady (KCL Head of Researcher Training and Development)

4.10pm: Q & A

4.20pm: Networking/wine reception

CV Writing & Interview Skills | 30 September 2015

The IoPPN PostDoc Network held an event on CV writing on Wednesday September 30th. Speakers from academia and industry provided tips and tricks to improve their CV and format it appropriately for different types of applications. In addition, they discussed personal statements and cover letters.


15:00-16:00: General CV tips & tricks
15:00: Kate Murray is the King’s Careers Consultant working with PhDs and post-docs through the Centre for Doctoral Studies. She helps academics improve their CVs on a daily basis and will have many practical tips to improve yours.

15:20: Gary Gilmour is a principal research scientist at Eli Lilly and Company. He will point out some things recruiters in industry look at in CVs when shortlisting candidates for research positions.

Download the presentation slides here
15:40: Gareth Barker is professor of Magnetic Resonance Physics here at the IoPPN. He is one of the King’s Supervisory Excellence Award winners and gave some more specific advice on how to make your CV stand out in the field.

Download the presentation slides here
16:00-17:00: CV writing workshop by Kate Murray

In this workshop participants looked at some samples of academic CVs and put what they learned into practice by critically evaluating their own CV briefly and giving feedback on others. It was ended with a short discussion on what could be done to enhance your CV.
17:00: Wine reception

Download the event handout here 

Alternative careers: It's not all academic | 30 April 2015

This event gave an overview of the various career options open to postdocs and provide the opportunity to interact with individuals with first-hand experiences of postdoc life outside academia.

2-4pm:  In this “speed-dating” style event, small groups heard from and asked questions of individuals that have completed a PhD but moved outside of academia, into the domains of industry, scientific publishing, charity, policy, media, technical sales, start-up companies, teaching  andacademic support.

Our speakers included: Dr Niall Boyce and Dr Joan Marsh, the editor and deputy editor of Lancet Psychiatry; Dr Sally Marlow, the 2014 winner of the ‘Media Personality of the Year’ King’s Award; and many more.  Please click here for details of all our speakers with some information on their backgrounds.

participants also learned how the King's Centre for Doctoral Studiesl can support them in their career development.

4-5pm:  Drinks reception in the Sir Robin Murray hub area and a chance for informal Q&A with the speakers

From 5pm,  postdoc and speaker social event, held at the Phoenix.

Parenting and flexible working | 5 February 2015

This event was held to help explain the support and policies available to parents at KCL.  A speaker from HR went through the policies available and then three members of staff spoke about their experiences.  Further information on KCL policies can be found here.

Fellowship Opportunities | 29 October 2014

This event brought together speakers from the Wellcome Trust, NIHR, ERC and Alzheimer’s Society, to explain their fellowship schemes and what they look for in applications.  Dr Sophie Henry also went through the practicalities of how to navigate IoPPN/KCL systems to get the application submitted.  Two current fellows also spoke about their experiences of making applications and having interviews.

Slides from the speakers are accessible here.

Teaching Opportunities | 26 June 2014

The event gave an overview of the teaching opportunities available for postdocs at the King's College London. 

This included a focus on the new BSc Psychology, with talks from: 

  • Dr Cathy Fernandes (Lecturer, Programme Leader MSc Genes, Environment & Development & Education Lead for Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre) 
  • Dr Mike Aitken Deakin (Programme Director for the new BSc in Psychology)
Conversion to Lecturer | 30 April 2014

The event gave an overview of the procedure for conversion from non-academic (i.e. Post-doc) to academic contract (Lecturer).

The aims and scope of the workshop were:

  1. To understand the requirements for applying for conversion from post-doc to lecturer
  2. To understand the process of applying for conversion from postdoc to lecturer
  3. To understand the differences in role and responsibilities between a post-doc and a lecturer

Lee McNally (Human Resources), secretariat of the local Promotions Review Panel gave an overview of the process and requirements from the College's and the IoPPN’s perspective.  

Additionally, four IoPPN colleagues shared their personal experiences of conversion (via different routes), in addition to clarifying their new role and responsibilities as a lecturer.

At the end of the presentations there was a question and answer session, followed by a networking lunch. 

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