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Job id: 079246. Salary: £25,454 to £27,900 per annum, including London Weighting Allowance.

Posted: 20 November 2023. Closing date: 17 December 2023.

Business unit: Research Platforms. Department: Biological Services.

Contact details: Jayne Morgan.

Location: Guy’s Campus. Category: Professional & Support Services.

Job description

Biological Services provide facilities, services, and advice for all research scientists within King's College London who need to carry out research using animals. Such work is ethically reviewed, carefully regulated, and kept to a minimum within the overall objectives of advancing knowledge in biomedical research. Alternatives to research involving animals are always used where possible.

The post holder has responsibility to facilitate the efficient operation of the BSF, by processing, washing and sterilising cages and equipment, working as part of a dedicated team alongside skilled professionals committed to finding new cures for major diseases. The post holder will need a flexible approach to work and be able to work independently under supervision, as required, following appropriate training.

This post will be offered on an indefinite contract.

This is a full-time post - 100% full time equivalent.

Key responsibilities

  • Cleaning, washing and sterilisation of cages and associated equipment. 
  • To unload stores and dispose of waste products. 
  • Cleaning of corridors and surfaces 
  • Communicate with the Technical Auxiliary Supervisor, Facility Manager, and other staff on day-to-day issues. 
  • Communicate with Stores personnel (ordering of materials) as well as technical or staff from other departments who may be using the BSF facilities.  
  • Liaise with the immediate team and be expected to maintain positive working relationships with the other units. 
  • Be required to provide information to the unit managers so that decisions can be made on related matters. 
  • Prioritise tasks and objectives, which are set out in a work rota, and complete the requirements as effectively and as efficiently as possible. 
  • Move heavy cages and bulky equipment for cleaning. Sacks of feed and bedding (15 kg sacks) must be moved around, loaded, and off loaded.  
  • Use the cage washer, bottle washer, high pressure autoclave, bottle filler and pallet-truck.  
  • Be expected to work to SOPs in a safe and responsible manner.  
  • Seal waste in clinical sacks which must be wheeled up in large bins to be removed. 
  • Be trained in health and safety aspects and be aware of issues such as animal allergens, using electrical equipment in a wet environment, correct method of lifting, control of hazardous chemicals, correct disposal of clinical waste etc.  
  • In the washroom, be responsible for making sure that notices are displayed regarding, for example, a wet floor. The role holder may need to make others aware of this if they see someone who is not following this regulation.  
  • While SOPs are in place, there is always exposure to soiled animal bedding and animal carcases, which some people would find unpleasant.  
  • The role is a physically active one the role holder will be "on their feet" for most of the day.  
  • Any other duties appropriate to the job as requested by the line manager. 

Skills, knowledge, and experience

Essential criteria  

  1. Be able to understand and follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). 
  2. Basic Health & Safety awareness. 
  3. Ability to work flexibly as part of a team, without requiring constant supervision. 
  4. Good interpersonal skills. 
  5. Ability to pay attention to detail and have a methodical approach to work. 
  6. Punctuality and regular attendance at work. 
  7. Be prepared to undertake any reasonable request by their line manager. 

Desirable criteria

  1. Previous experience in a similar role is desirable, but not essential. 
  2. Basic knowledge of typical equipment to be used. 

Further information

This post is subject to Occupational Health clearance.