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Japanese Level 4, Part 2

Course dates, times and locations

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Start date/time:
26 January 2023 (18:00)
End date/time:
30 March 2023 (18:00)
Delivery mode:
Not applicable

This course does not carry any credit towards a degree


By studying Japanese Level 4, you will be able to understand authentic speech with ease and communicate confidently on a variety of subjects using a wide range of vocabulary and complex grammatical structures, be able to read extracts from authentic literature with almost 100% understanding, be able to write a number of complex texts in different registers with high degree of accuracy, employing a wide range of structures and vocabulary, have further developed intercultural competence and be conversant with a variety of issues in Japanese speaking countries.

What does this course cover?

  • Revision of Part 1
  • Genki – II (Third Edition), Lesson 20 and 21



  • Shopping
  • Robbery
  • ‘Tonari no TOTORO’
  • Japanese Pop Culture
  • Crimes and accidents
  • Religion in Japan - Shinto and Buddhism


  • Using very formal or less formal expressions
  • Understanding conversations in very formal situations
  • Expressing gratitude / satisfaction
  • Making suppositions
  • Exchanging / returning purchased goods
  • Asking for / offering help to strangers
  • Expressing means / circumstances
  • Asking about others
  • Describing qualities
  • Describing bad experiences
  • Expressing wishes
  • Expressing opinions on non-daily subject


  • Verb stem + NAIDE
  • Verb Plain-form + KA / KA DOO KA
  • Verb stem + NIKUI / YASUI
  • Humble verbs
  • Humble verbs: O + MASU-stem + SURU
  • Use of TO IU
  • Use of verb SURU
  • Verb Passive-form

What will I achieve?

When Japanese Level 4 is complete, you will achieve the equivalent of B1/B2 level of the CEFR, level 3 of the RQF.


*The above is an indication of content that may be covered over the duration of the course but it could vary depending on the level and progress of students in the class.

Key information

Course status: Places available

Full fee:£235

Alumni/Staff/UoL/KHP fee:£200

King's degree student fee:£165

Enrolment deadlines:

Enrolment is open.

Key Dates:

  • Enrol by 29 September for our Autumn term.
  • Autumn Term begins w/c 10 October 2022.

Other term dates - see individual class listings for exact dates.

  • Winter term - w/c 23 January 2022*
  • Spring term - w/c 24 April 2022*

 *Early Bird 10% Discount applicable for full fee payers only, this is for all courses.



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