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Diversity & Inclusion

Disabled Students

HandprintsWhat do we mean by Disability?

Disability, as defined by the Equality Act 2010, refers to a physical or mental impairment or condition which has a 'substantial' and 'long-term' impact on the individual. Within this definition, long-term is generally accepted to mean 'for a period of twelve months or more'. Importantly, disability refers to both physical and mental health conditions.

Support for Disabled Students

Disabled students have access to specialist support from the Disability Advisory Service (DAS), a branch of the university Student Services. DAS partner with the School of Law to ensure that reasonable adjustments deemed necessary and appropriate for disabled students have been made available, and that all of the provisions put in place are serving the needs of each individual student in the most effective way. DAS also work to help the School to improve our overall academic practice, meaning adjustments which are relatively commonplace become part of our usual practice.

King's Inclusion Plans (KIPs)

KIPs are personalised plans made for each student who registers with DAS, at any point throughout the academic year. KIPs map out the reasonable adjustments which a student is likely to need, either regularly or in specific circumstances, across the following academic year. These are shared with the School via a small number of central points of contact, and through these, then shared with all of the academic members of staff who will be teaching the student holding the KIP.

KIPs are agreed and signed-off between the student and DAS, and the student ultimately owns the document. This means that a student can choose to share their KIP with relevant academic staff in any way that they choose, and can also ask for ammendments to be made and communicated throughout the academic year.

Find out more about KIPs, and other provisions for disabled students, by visiting the DAS webpages.

Urgent Support

For students who are experiencing a mental health crisis, there are multiple routes of same-day or immediate support available.

The Counselling Crisis pages detail internal and external means of immediate or same-day support for students (or staff) who are having a mental health crisis and/or thinking of causing harm to themselves or others.

The Disability Advisory Service hold appointments for disabled students, but also have drop-in slots available, and provided over-the-phone support and advice. There is also the option of a same-day appointment with a trained Mental Health Adviser, should this be required. All of the information regarding who to contact can be found on their Appointments webpage.

School Disability Contacts

Various members of the School take responsibility for supporting and enhancing the experience of disabled students regarding their academic studies, or access to student life more generally. If you're not sure who the most relevant person is for you to contact, you should be able to find them below. If, however, none of the below options seem suitable, speak to your Personal Tutor in the first instance about the best way to progress.


Name: Dr Ewan McGaughey

Role: Faculty Disability Liaison

Function: Ensures that all processes relating to the support of disabled students are effective and smoothly run, and that any issues raised by students are heard and addressed by the School, or reported back to the Disability Advisory Service. 

Contact: / 020 7848 7588


Name: Annette Lee

Role: Undergraduate Programme Administrator

Function: Acts as the first point of contact for all Undergraduate students who hold KIPs, ensuring that all KIPs are distributed to the correct members of academic staff. Annette also responds to queries from Undergraduate students regarding their KIPs, and checks in with students periodically across the year.

Contact: / 020 7848 2849


Name: Noj Islam

Role: Postgraduate Programme (Taught) Administrator

Function: Acts as the first point of contact for all Postgraduate Taught students who hold KIPs, ensuring that all KIPs are distributed to the correct members of academic staff. Noj also responds to queries from Postgraduate Taught students regarding their KIPs, and checks in with students periodically across the year.

Contact: / 020 7848 5899


Name: Professor Elaine Player

Role: Vice-Dean for Students, Culture & Community

Function: The senior leader within the Law Executive Team with responsibility for oversight of the School's disability provision, and for the experience of disabled students.

Contact: / 020 7848 1169

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