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Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing paper

'I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.' - Audre Lorde

Student wellbeing is hugely important. As a School, we are doing our best to make sure that we understand this, and the ways in which we can inadvertently make it more difficult for our students to look after their wellbeing.

We know that exams and assessments can put our students under a lot of stress and pressure, which is why we work with the King's Wellbeing team to support initiatives such as the Take Time Out campaign, to run our own wellbeing-centred pop-ups and events, and to run large-scale events like the Summer Day Out. We design these events specifically to help give you the space to enjoy yourselves and unwind, to build a sense of community amongst our students and staff, and to remind you that the School is here to support you when you're struggling.

There are lots of dedicated resources at King's to help you if you're struggling with looking after your wellbeing, or if you think there might be something deeper going wrong:

King's Wellbeing

King's Wellbeing are part of the Health & Wellbeing team at King's. Their team consists of a number of trained Coaches who provide free coaching sessions to help you set personal goals and targets. These might relate to your academic progression, co-curricular development, or simply to building activities which are good for your wellbeing into your daily routine.

King's Sport

A great way for many of us to maintain a positive sense of wellbeing is through sport and physical activity. The positive effects of physical activity are holistic: they can help to support and energise both the body and the mind! Have a look at all that King's Sport have to offer, or if you're looking for something physical but not necessarily sports-based, take a look at the activities available as part of their BeActive programme!


Counselling sessions provide students with a space to identify, explore and address a problem which is impacting on their day-to-day lives and experiences. Sessions are not about giving advice, but about assisting students to understand the problem that they are facing, and to help themselves to remedy or manage this issue over time.

To register for an appointment, head to the Counselling webpages.

Students Supporting Students:

In February 2018, we asked students to leave us notes in the common rooms, sending messages of support and encouragement to their fellow Law students, as the second semester moves forward and we come closer to exam season. The response we received was overwhelming, with students doing their utmost to send messages of empowerment and comradery to their fellow students, including a few fantastic paper cranes, flowers and other constructs, as seen at the top of this page!

Thank you to all students who took part in this project. Here are some of the fantastic messages we received, below:

'To all my dear Law peers, wishing you all a lovely day, filled with joy and pals - and not too many cases!'

'Even the people who you think don't struggle, do! You are never alone and unsupported. Don't compare yourself to unrealistic/untrue standards!'

'Dear Fellow Law Students, studying might be unpleasant... but most of us will have tremendous billable hours in 10 years.'


'Dear Students, be good to yourself and one another. Share your successes, worries, uncertainties... they are probably far more common than you think! Peace :)'

'You don't need to be part of the Magic Circle to know you're magic!'

'Remember that you are a fab human and even though you may be stressed, be kind to yourself :)'

Peer Support:

The School have been involved in training students in Peer-to-Peer Support, as provided by the King's Counselling Service. This is an informal means of allowing students to explore any specific issues which might be getting in the way of your study or social life, and to talk these through with an impartial student colleague.

We know that, often, it will be most helpful to talk through an issue with your friends or those around you, before seeking any professional support. Peer-to-Peer Support aims to emulate this, providing students with a trained student they can talk to, equipped with skills in effective listening, sensitive communication, confidentiality, boundaries and effective mechanisms for professional support.

Idil Kaner

Programme: LLB Politics, Philosophy & Law (PPL)

Interests: Technology, Music, Travel, Food Enthusiast & Tea Lover!

King's Email:

Quote: There will be days when you'll want a new perspective regarding whatever you're going through and that's where we come in. Peer Support is about creating a safe atmosphere where you can talk just about anything, without the feeling of being judged. We are here to make your life easier so reach out whenever you want via email and we can get a cup of tea/coffee!


Giulia Mazzu

Programme: LLB Law

Interests: Reading, Binging TV Shows, Hot Chocolate Enthusiast, Yoga!

King's Email:

Quote: I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed at uni, so if you need to talk to anyone, or just want to chat, come and find me. I’m usually at Willie’s, I always provide sweets and cute puppy videos if you need to relax or cheer up! 


Salman Shaheen

Programme: LLB Law

Interests: Jazz, Basketball, Short stories (I write occasionally), and a good cup of coffee.

King's Email:

Quote: Our journey to get to King's has been a very exhausting and competitive journey, and now that we are here it's more of the same. I believe it's important, in the midst of all that, to remember that we as students are still here for one another to support each other through it all and that is everything peer support is about. It's about offering a helping hand to those who reach out, an ear to listen, a person to be there when you need it most.

Salman Shaheen 

Nicolas Schuscheim

Programme: LLB Politics, Philosophy & Law (PPL)

Interests: Running/Fitness, Travel, Intellectual Property, Music, and Brunch (in any way, shape or form).

King's Email:

Quote: Oftentimes, at university, it feels like we are just going through the motions and that we are drowning in the expectations we put for ourselves and that others put for us. It’s important to remember that as individuals, we still need to be able to breathe. If you feel like you’re drowning, and need to take a breath and share that with somebody else, come and talk to us at Peer Support, a non-judgmental open space to discuss absolutely anything, anytime, anywhere.



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