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TLI Signature Lecture: Martin Krygier - Institutionalisation and its DiscontentsThe Rule of Law versus (Anti-) Constitutional Populism in East Central Europe.

17/11/2017 (17:00-19:00)
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TLI Signature Lectures 2017-2018

Democratic Politics in Global Crisis? Challenges, Approaches, Resistances

Speaker: Professor Martin Krygier (University of New South Wales)

Title: Institutionalisation and its Discontents. The Rule of Law versus (Anti-) Constitutional Populism in East Central Europe

Abstract: Institutionalisation and its Discontents - revised abstract.

The election of Trump in the USA, the Brexit vote in the UK, the rise of extremist parties in France, Holland and elsewhere, impeachments (successful and failed) of presidents in South Korea, Brazil and South Africa following corruption scandals, authoritarian turns in Hungary, Poland and Russia… Wherever one turns to, there are worrying signs that democracy, or at least democratic politics, is in trouble around the world.

This is further corroborated by lower election turn out and repudiation of mainstream political parties and politicians, symptoms of a generalized sentiment of political disenchantment that leads to political disengagement.

How deep is this crisis? What are its causes? How can it be solved?

These are the themes and questions we will be debating in our Transnational Law Institute Signature Lectures, now in its third year, with experts from around the world. The lectures are organized around four broad sub-topics: Democracy and extremism; Democracy and inequality; Democracy and corruption and Democracy and authoritarianism.

The Signature Lectures are delivered by world renowned scholars whose work tackles central challenges in global governance by cutting across disciplinary boundaries to develop new analytical and conceptual frameworks, which address today’s pressing problems of transnational legality and legitimacy with rigour and fresh eyes. Previous speakers included: Saskia Sassen, Albie Sachs, Sally Engle Merry, Wolfgang Streeck, Joseph Weiler, Eve Darian-Smith, Guy Standing, Upendra Baxi and Boaventura Sousa Santos.



Professor Martin Krygier is the Gordon Samuels Professor of Law and Social Theory and Co-Director of the Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law at the University of New South Wales and Honorary Professor at RegNet.

Research interests: Law and social theory: Legal theory; Law after communism; Rule of law; Normative social theory; Interactions between state and non-state law

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