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European Union Law

Programme Authors/Tutors and Syllabus

Disclaimer: at the time of publishing the information below is correct and we do not expect it to change. However, we reserve the right to modify the content of the course and the tutors should it become necessary. 

Module 1: Introduction and Internal Market I

Unit 1 - Introduction to the Treaties and Institutions (incl Legislative Procedures)

Professor Alexander Türk, Professor of Law, King’s College London

    • From the Treaty of Paris to the Lisbon Treaty
    • Structure of the Treaties
    • The Union’s Institutions
    • Law-making
    • Supremacy and direct effect


Unit 2 - Free Movement of Goods

Professor Andrea Biondi, Professor of European Law and Director, Centre of European Law, King’s College London

    • Introduction: the strategy for the completion of the Internal Market
    • The Customs Union, custom duties and charges having equivalent effect
    • The Free Movement of Goods: the elimination of quantitative restrictions on imports and exports and all measures having equivalent effect
    • Derogation from the application of the principle of free movement of goods
    • Harmonization Policy


Unit 3 - Citizenship and Free Movement of People

Leo Flynn, Member of the Legal Service, European Commission; Visiting Professor, King’s College London

    • EU citizenship, mobility rights, and non-discrimination
    • Free movement of workers – personal and material scope-limitations and derogations
    • Rights of individuals with independent means
    • Third country nationals- family members of EU workers – rights under Europe agreements, Association agreements and co-operation agreements – refugees and asylum seekers – Schengen Accord
    • Progressive establishment of an area of freedom, justice and security


Unit 4 - Freedom of Establishment and Services

Dr Oana Stefan, Reader, King's College London

    • Scope of the freedoms
    • Exceptions
    • Establishment by companies
    • EU Legislation


 Module 2: Internal Market II and Substantive Policies I

Unit 5 - Free Movement of Capital and Economic and Monetary Union

Leo Flynn,Member of the Legal Service, European Commission; Visiting Professor, King’s College London

    • The Role of Money in the Internal Market and in the EU Constitution
    • Free movement of capital: the widest reaching and most unlimited of the freedoms
    • Capital: free movement and its limitations
    • Economic and Monetary Union: the institutional and legal framework


Unit 6 - Competition Law

Professor Richard Whish QC (Hon), Emeritus Professor of Law, King’s College London

    • Article 101 TFEU: Agreements
    • Article 102 TFEU: abuse of a dominant position
    • Article 106 TFEU: state undertakings
    • Articles 107-109 TFEU: state aids
    • Enforcements and procedure


Unit 7 - Anti-Discrimination Law

Professor Robert Wintemute, Professor of Human Rights Law, Kings’ College London

    • EU sex discrimination law: origins and purposes
    • Material scope: employment (Pay vs treatment) and social security
    • Kinds of sex discrimination, Direct vs indirect vs positive
    • Enforcement and remedies
    • Discrimination on other grounds: racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation


Unit 8 - Environmental Law and Policy

Professor Dr Geert Van Calster, Professor of Law, 
KU Leuven

    • General Setting and Objectives
    • Procedural Environmental Law
    • Selected Substantive EU Environmental Law
    • Trade and the Environment

Module 3: Substantive Policies II and Procedural Aspects

Unit 9 - External Relations

Professor Piet Eeckhout, Professor of European Law, University College London

    • External competence
    • Common Commercial Policy
    • Negotiation and Conclusion of agreements
    • Effects of agreements
    • Common Foreign and Security Policy


Unit 10 - Judicial Review of EU Law

Professor Alexander Türk, Professor of Law, King’s College London

    • Article 263 TFEU: Action for Annulment
    • Article 265 TFEU: Failure to Act
    • Article 277 TFEU: Plea of illegality
    • Union Liability


Unit 11 - Enforcement of EU Law, Protection of Individual’s Rights in National Courts

Leo Flynn, Member of the Legal Service, European Commission; Visiting Professor, King’s College London

    • Direct effect of EU Law
    • Loyal interpretation of national law
    • Remedies required as a matter of EU Law – restitution – interim belief – state liability
    • National law remedies for breach of EU Law – equivalence and effectiveness of protection


Unit 12 - Enforcement of EU Law II, Proceedings in the CJEU        

Carsten Zatschler, Director of Legal and Executive Affairs at EFTA Surveillance Authority

    • Article 267 TFEU: references by national and courts for preliminary rulings
    • Article 258 TFEU: proceedings against member states for breaches of EU Law
    • Admissibility requirements
    • Procedure in the CJEU



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