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The College Education Committee has endorsed a Vision that every taught course will have an online reading list by 2016-2017 and expects the academic community to work towards this goal.  In order to achieve this aim, from 1 May 2016 Library Services will no longer be accepting reading lists that are sent in other formats (e.g. email attachments) and they will only be able to order material once the reading list has been created in the online reading list system, MyReadingLists

MyReadingLists supports faculty staff in their teaching and allows Library Services to purchase all the core and recommended reading list books, DVDs, CDs and ebooks for the King's library collection, and provide digitised course readings.

About MyReadingLists

MyReadingLists allows for the creation of electronic versions of reading lists. This enables direct-linking to ebooks, ejournal articles, library holdings of print items, web pages, digitised content, and a range of other documents. They can be accessed on any desktop or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

MyReadingLists exists to direct students to those readings which will help them to succeed in their studies at King’s. They are not intended to be comprehensive bibliographies as students can find a long unstructured list daunting.  MyReadingLists allows you to give clear information about why the items appear on the list and to encourage students to make use of other academic libraries in the London area to find information for extended essays or dissertations.

If you want to include a longer comprehensive bibliography along alongside your shorter, more structured reading list we recommend doing so by copying and pasting the relevant references into your MyReadingList as a page.

Getting started

To create a MyReadingLists list, or gain access to one that has already been created, you must complete the online form.

Once the MyReadingLists list has been created, you can submit it to be reviewed to ensure sufficient stock of reading list items are held in the relevant library, and to request digitised course readings.

We purchase core reading list items according to a ratio relating to the number of students taking the module. We also buy at least one copy of all recommended titles and where available we purchase ebooks for all core titles.

Students expect items on reading lists to be available in the libraries or electronically.  To help achieve this, you should:

  • Submit your MyReadingList to the library for review before it is needed by students (at least one term in advance).
  • Re-familiarise yourself with current library stock. A look to see what King’s Libraries already hold can help inform choices for your reading list; Library Search can find books and specific articles, print and ejournals, and databases.

We recommend that you give your list an annual 'health check' to make sure that:

  • Student numbers have been updated
  • New items have been added as relevant
  • Older items have been removed as required

You can find further information about MyReadingLists in the LibGuide and detailed instructions for creating a MyReadingList are here.

Ordering non-reading list items

We also purchase individual items that have been requested by staff and students for all six libraries.  Click here to find out more about this.

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