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2009 news


23 December 2009 Photography competition and poster evening
The Gordon Museum was packed for a dazzling exhibition of this year’s best elective student posters and the winners of the elective photography competition.

21 December 2009 New interaction for Breast Cancer Gene
Scientists at King’s College London have found that a family of proteins can play a crucial role in repairing DNA damage and help prevent Cancer – according to research published in Nature.

17 December 2009
New lung function genes discovered
Scientists in the Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology Unit have identified five common genetic variations which affect lung function.

7 December 2009
   Wellcome funding for DNA archive
The Wellcome Trust has awarded the Archives Service £108,000 to catalogue and preserve the life works of Professor Maurice Wilkins.
3 December 2009 BRC Faculty launch
The Biomedical Research Centre launched at its new home in Guy’s Tower with a keynote lecture for the Faculty of Translational Medicine.


26 November 2009 Museum of Life Sciences opens at Guy’s Campus
The Museum of Life Sciences at the Gordon Museum opened with a series of events last month.
26 November 2009  First UK meeting on Genetics in Transplantation
The MRC Centre for Transplantation organised the first Genetics in Transplantation meeting in the UK at the Royal Society last week
24 November 2009  New Translational Medicine Intercalated BSc
A new Intercalated BSc is designed to to educate medical students in the translation of scientific advances into clinical benefits.
18 November 2009 King's Health Schools offer 60 PhD studentships
Following their success in attracting externally funded awards, King’s Health Schools are offering 60 PhD studentships.
17 November 2009  Deputy Vice Principal (Health) appointed
Professor Nairn Wilson has been appointed Deputy Vice Principal (Health), following Professor Robert Lechler’s secondment to KHP.
16 November 2009  Genetic studies into inflammatory bowel disease
Professor Chris Mathew, Medical and Molecular Genetics, has led a study which shows the role played by genetic defects in ulcerative colitis
6 November 2009  World Perinatal prize
Professor Anne Greenough has been awarded the Erlich Saling Perinatal Prize, the first time this prize has been won by a neonatologist.
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29 October 2009  Chair of King’s Health Partners appointed
King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre (AHSC) has appointed Lord Butler of Brockwell as its first independent Chair.
22 October 2009 Launch of the Centre for Humanities and Health 
King's Centre for Humanities and Health has been launched, bringing together experts from the Humanities and Health Schools.
 7 October 2009 Investment for Biomedical Research Centre
The joint Biomedical Research Centre at King’s and Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust has received £3.3 million from the NIHR.


30 September 2009 The Secret Life of Twins
The Twins Research Unit features prominently in a two-part documentary which started yesterday on BBC 1, examining the nature of twin relationships.
25 September 2009  New technique for cancer research
Professor Peter Parker and co-researchers have developed a technique to classify cancerous tumours by molecular activity.
25 September 2009  Prostate cancer therapy heart risk
Mieke Van Hemelrijck has presented research highlighting the increased risk of heart disease for men receiving hormone therapy treatment.
23 September 2009  School of Medicine staff shine at King’s Awards
Two School of Medicine staff, Professor Ellen Solomon and Professor Irene Higginson, have been recognised in this year’s King’s Awards.
18 September 2009 Coronary artery disease management
Can imaging techniques be used to determine if patients should undergo a procedure to unblock obstructed blood vessels?
17 September 2009 King’s undergraduate wins major award
First year medical undergraduate Kenneth Fong has won a major award for a presentation on paediatric dermatology.


24 August 2009 Research highlights risk of stroke recurrence
The latest study from the South London Stroke Register (SLSR) at King’s sheds light on the likelihood and timing of stroke patients suffering a further relapse during recovery.
20 August 2009 New gene discovery for Leukaemia treatment
Professor Ghulam Mufti's group, from the Department of Haematological Medicine, has discovered a new gene which could help treat Leukemia.
19 August 2009 New research programme to predict disease
King’s researchers are hunting for genetic clues to complex diseases which they hope will lead to better screening, diagnosis and treatment.
12 August 2009 Research to measure UV radiation by wristwatch
Professor Antony Young of St John’s Institute of Dermatology is heading up a team to investigate the effect of ultraviolet radiation levels on health.
4 August 2009 Exquisite Bodies: Joseph Towne's anatomical models
Rare waxworks from the Gordon Museum at King's have gone on display at the Wellcome Collection.


Dr Michael Robson of the Department of Nephrology and Transplantation is a winner of the Genzyme Renal Innovations Programme awards for his work into the causes of kidney diseases.
27 July 2009 Showcasing King's graduate research excellence
Last week's Health Schools Graduate Research Showcase featured prizewinning postgraduate students on subjects ranging from kidney cancer to post-traumatic stress disorder.
22 July 2009 Saliva test for early birth risk
A study led by Professor Lucilla Poston has shown that women going into early preterm labour have low levels of progesterone in their saliva as early as 24 weeks. This offers the possibility of a test to identify women at increased risk of delivering early.
21 July 2009 Extended Medical Degree Programme praised
The Rt Hon Alan Milburn MP launched the conclusions of the Fair Access to the Professions report at Guy’s Campus yesterday, highlighting the success of King's Extended Medical Degree Programme. 
8 July 2009 Class of 2009 graduates
The King’s College School of Medicine graduation ceremony took place last week at Southwark Cathedral.
8 July 2009 Moles hold the key to melanoma genes
A research team led by the Twin Research Department has found novel genes for melanoma in one of several studies published in Nature Genetics this week.
7 July 2009 Potential breakthrough for treating blindness
A ground-breaking laser treatment developed by Professor John Marshall of the Rayne Institute could help reverse the effects of age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in over-60s in the western world.


29 June 2009 £10.5m for Medical Engineering Centre
King’s has been awarded £10.5 million funding to develop a new Centre of Excellence in Medical Engineering, focusing on imaging technology.
16 June 2009 Young neuroscientist wins 2009 Lister Prize
Neuroscientist Dr Juan Burrone has received major external recognition of his research with the award of the 2009 Lister Institute Research Prize. The award is one of only three granted annually and the second awarded in two years to King’s researchers.
16 June 2009 Breakthrough in understanding severe asthma
Scientists from King’s and Imperial College London believe they have discovered a key element in the development of chronic asthma. Their research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences explains why the structure and function of asthmatic airways are changed or ‘’remodelled’’ and how this contributes to chronic asthma.
12 June 2009 Personalised cancer therapy a step closer
Scientists at King's have for the first time been able to personalise treatment for leukaemia patients using a test that accurately predicts relapse. A UK study, funded by charity Leukaemia Research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, shows that individualising treatment reduces relapse rates by half.
5 June 2009 New Faculty of Translational Medicine
A new Faculty of Translational Medicine, a collaboration between King’s and the comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust will increase support for researchers as they search for new treatments and diagnostic tests for a range of diseases and conditions.
4 June 2009 Director of King’s Health Partners appointed
The Partnership Board of King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre (AHSC) is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Robert Lechler as the first Executive Director. This appointment will be followed by the appointment of an independent Chairman in the summer and appointments to a permanent Executive will follow.
4 June 2009 Professor John Ernsting
It is with great sadness that we bring you the news of Professor John Ernsting’s death.  He died on Tuesday night after a short illness, aged 80, having been teaching and examining as usual last week.
1 June 2009 Sixth MRC Centre for King's
King’s has been awarded a sixth MRC Centre, in collaboration with Imperial College London, to investigate the damage to our health caused by environmental change.


14 May 2009  King's Medicine on Twitter
The School of Medicine has launched its twitter account 'kingsmedicine'. Join students, industry and other health care professionals in getting our latest updates.
13 May 2009  Emotional intelligence ‘aids sex’
New research from King’s Twin Research Unit, published this month in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that women who are more ‘emotionally intelligent’ get greater pleasure from sex.
11 May 2009  New MSc scholarships for Palliative Care
The School of Medicine is looking for talented medics and related health and social care professionals to undertake its Palliative Care MSc under a new scholarship scheme offered by the Samuel Sebba Trust.
5 May 2009  €1 million EU funding for Chinese medicine research King’s College London successfully led a consortium bid for €995,100 of EU funding for a ground-breaking research project that will play an important role in the unification of Western and Chinese approaches to medicine.
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28 April 2009  Parkinson’s disease explored
Leading experts on Parkinson’s disease explained their translational research and treatment into the disease, which affects an estimated four million sufferers worldwide, at the King’s College London annual Edmond J. Safra lecture.
24 April 2009  Outstanding assisted conception unit opens
A £4 million assisted conception unit, a joint collaboration between King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Foundation Trust, was officially opened yesterday by Health Minister Dawn Primarolo.
14 April 2009  King’s top for Government funding
Figures just published confirm King’s College London’s position as one of the UK’s top research-led universities. The College is the most successful higher education institution in winning grants from the Department of Health. From 2005-6 to 2007-8, almost £18 million was awarded to King’s scientists.
8 April 2009  King's Health Partners pioneer for diabetes care
A report published by Diabetes UK in collaboration with King’s College London and King’s College Hospital, which are part of King’s Health Partners, has highlighted the need for people with diabetes to receive psychological care in helping them to live and cope with their long term condition.
1 April 2009  Teddy bear hospital at King's
Now in its eighth year at King’s College London, the Teddy bear hospital project set up surgery last week on the St Thomas’ Campus.


31 March 2009  TwinBank project announced
King’s College London scientists are planning to create the largest database of twins in order to investigate the genetic and environmental origins of disease and behaviour.
27 Mar 2009  Research findings into rheumatoid arthritis
Researchers at King’s College London and the comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ have found that inflammation in the lining of the joints of rheumatoid arthritis patients promotes the development of cells that exacerbate the condition.
26 March 2009  2009 Macadam Cup Competition
Now in its sixth year, the Macadam Cup competition took place yesterday at the College’s New Malden sports ground. King’s teams played against King’s Medical School teams in various sports. This year the King’s Medical School teams won, with a final score of 9-6.
26 March 2009  Lion’s Den winners announced
Two post doctoral staff, Dr Alexander Kapustin and Dr Yiwen Liu from the Cardiovascular Division at the College won the King’s College London Business Commercialisation Prize at the Finals and Awards dinner of the 2008/09 Graduate Business Plan Competition yesterday evening.

25 March 2009
Hospitals Cup back at King's
Congratulations to the GKT Rugby team (Guys, King’s and St Thomas’ Health Schools students) who won back the Hospitals Cup from Imperial Medics, in Richmond, this weekend.
16 March 2009  Imaging viscosity in cancer cells
The viscosity inside live cancer cells dramatically increases during light-induced cancer treatment according to new images which give new insights into how cancer cells die, published today in Nature Chemistry.
12 March 2009  Multi-million pound cancer collaboration
Scientists at King’s in collaboration with the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) will begin targeted experiments to gain a better understanding of how new cancer drugs could be developed by matching medication more precisely to individual patients.

9 March 2009
 King’s Health Partners accredited
King’s Health Partners has been formally accredited as one of the UK’s first Academic Health Sciences Centres (AHSCs). Five AHSCs have been approved by the international expert panel appointed by the Department of Health.
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23 February 2009  Triple success for PhD studentship awards
King’s Health Schools have seen successful results in three separate application rounds for prestigious PhD studentships announced within the past month, gaining eight new awards in total for 2009/10 entry.
20 February 2009  Cervical cancer linked to deprivation
A new study by researchers at King’s from the Thames Cancer Registry, has shown that the rate of cervical cancer varies among different geographical areas in Southeast England. The study published in the journal BMC Public Health shows that the occurrence of cervical cancer is increased in more deprived areas.
18 February 2009  Major study into children's asthma
An innovative study to examine the links between air pollution and vitamin D deficiency, and their impact on the respiratory health of children in east London to be carried out by King’s researchers, has received a £1.2 million grant.
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12 February 2009  Supermodel opens new £4m unit
Supermodel Naomi Campbell opened a new £4m breast cancer research unit yesterday at King’s College London. The new unit will be dedicated to finding treatments for and ways of preventing a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer.
9 February 2009 MRC Stem Cell PhD Studentships
King’s College London is currently seeking students of academic excellence to undertake two four-year PhD studentships funded by the Medical Research Council in the area of stem cell research.
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30 January 2009  MRC scheme for translational research
The Medical Research Council is working with King’s and four other universities in the UK to pilot a scheme set up to support translational research projects at these institutions.
23 January 2009  Ethnicity link to breast cancer
Researchers from the Thames Cancer Registry at King’s College London have found, in a study published in the British Journal of Cancer, that a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer, the stage at which it is diagnosed, and the following treatment, can be influenced by ethnic background.
16 January 2009  Palliative care receives WHO status
The King’s College London Department of Palliative Care, Policy and Rehabilitation has recently been awarded World Health Organisation (WHO) accreditation.
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