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2010 news


15 December 2010 Garlic could protect against hip osteoarthritis
Researchers at King’s College London and the University of East Anglia have discovered that women who consume a diet high in allium vegetables, have lower levels of hip osteoarthritis.
13 December 2010 Leukaemia stem cell discovery
Researchers have discovered that leukaemic stem cells can be reversed to a pre-leukaemic stage by suppressing a protein called beta-catenin found in the blood.
07 December 2010 Recognition for pioneering HIV research
Professor Michael H Malim, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, has been awarded the 2010 M Jeang Retrovirology Prize.


23 November 2010 Genes link puberty timing and body fat in women
Researchers at the Department of Twin Research have discovered, as part of a large international consortium, 30 new genes that control the age of sexual maturation in women.
19 November 2010 First ever G20 health briefing
Professor Richard Sullivan and Professor Arnie Purushotham, from the Integrated Cancer Centre at King’s Health Partners, outline policy solutions for the global cancer challenge in a briefing for G20 leaders. 
18 November 2010  King's Health Schools offer 32 PhD studentships
King’s is offering 32 PhD studentships in the Health Schools. The awards are mainly available for four years, and include an annual stipend and tuition fees.
16 November 2010 King’s experts named as ‘Britain’s Top Doctors’
A number of specialists at King’s and our partner NHS trusts have been named in a list of 140 ‘Top Doctors’ published by The Times at the weekend.
10 November 2010 MRC Asthma Centre status renewed
The MRC & Asthma UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma at King’s has received approval from the Medical Research Council (MRC) for another five years of funding.
3 November 2010 Honorary Degrees 2010
The Chairman of Council and the Principal conferred Honorary Degrees on eight highly distinguished recipients including Professor Renée Claire Fox & Professor Sir Keith Peters.


The Head of Haematology at King’s was interviewed for Monday's programme on the human genome and emerging treatments for genetic diseases.

Research into genetic variants associated with increased susceptibility to psoriasis are reported in five papers published online this week in Nature Genetics.

Scientists at King’s College London have discovered that some ‘free radicals’ protect the heart, providing a possible reason why trials of antioxidant therapies for heart disease have so far failed. King’s is delighted to announce the launch of a suite of MSc programmes and short courses for physicians, pharmacists and scientists in Pharmaceutical Medicine.



17 September 2010 New clue to diabetic heart disease discovered
Scientists from King's College London have identified a molecule that could help predict type 2 diabetes and identify diabetics that are most vulnerable to heart and circulatory disease.
15 September 2010 Extending the Life of a Transplant
Experts from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Transplantation at King’s have revealed exciting new scientific developments for people with an organ transplant. Watch a video
13 Spetember 2010 Genes for Myopia discovered
Researchers from the Department of Twin Research at King’s College London have identified genes associated with two common eye problems, myopia and glaucoma.
7 September 2010 Largest ever Epigenetics project launched
One of the most ambitious large-scale projects in Human Genetics has been launched today: Epitwin will capture the subtle epigenetic signatures that mark the differences between 5,000 twins on a scale and depth never before attempted.
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19 August 2010 School improves in approval ratings
King’s School of Medicine has substantially increased its overall satisfaction rating in the 2010 National Student Survey.
6 August 2010 £4.5m Fellowship award
Professor Randolph Noelle, Professor of Immunotherapy and Transplant Science in the MRC Centre for Transplantation, is awarded a Principal Research Fellowship by the Wellcome Trust.
5 August 2010 Biomarkers for CAD risk identified
A world-wide consortium of researchers, including scientists from the Twin Research Unit, has identified 59 novel regions of the human genome that are involved in lipid metabolism.
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28 July 2010 Weight management guidance for pregnancy
Pregnancy weight guidance, developed by a team of experts including Professor Poston, has been published by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.
27 July 2010 Honorary Degree for Michael Malim
Michael Malim FRS, Professor and Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at King’s College London, has been awarded an honorary degree by Bristol University.
19 July 2010 Centre of Excellence for leukaemia research
The Department of Haematology at King’s has been named as a Centre of Excellence by Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.
15 July 2010 Exploring the Gordon Museum
A new video about the Gordon Museum is now available to watch, in which curator Bill Edwards introduces this unique teaching resource.
06 July 2010 First targeted treatment for hereditary cancer
Trials of a new type of cancer treatment, led by Dr Andrew Tutt, show promise for patients with inherited forms of breast and ovarian cancer.
01 July 2010 Test could predict breast cancer recurrence
A new test could predict which women have an aggressive form of breast cancer according to research carried out by Professor Sarah Pinder.


30 June 2010Prestigious grant from European Research Council
Professor Frederic Geissmann, has been awarded a highly prestigious five-year grant from the European Research Council.
25 June 2010 Study of 10,000 human genomes launched
A project to decode the genomes of 10,000 people led by Professor Tim Spector will be one of the largest genome sequencing programmes ever undertaken.
22 June 2010 ‘Research Team of the Year’ award
Dr Jo Morris and Amin Alamshah from the Cancer Genetics Group at King’s have been awarded Breast Cancer Campaign’s ‘Research Team of the Year’ prize for their ground-breaking work in the area of breast cancer.
21 June 2010 New clinical research facilities open
New facilities at Guy's Campus have a special focus on cancer, transplantation, rheumatology, dermatology, inflammation, asthma and allergy.
17 June 2010 1,000 cancer deaths a year preventable
New research presented at the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) conference today on how cancer deaths could be avoided in England.
9 June 2010 Engineering the future of medicine
A Wellcome Trust-EPSRC film celebrates King’s Centre of Excellence in Medical Engineering one year on from its conception.
1 June 2010 King's hosts La Reunion visit
40 schoolchildren from La Reunion Island visited King’s College London last week, as part of a European visit to promote their interest in science.


25 May 2010 Transplant tolerance 'signature' identified
Researchers at King's and across Europe, have identified a ‘full set’ of immunological markers in the blood, which could predict whether a kidney transplant will be successful.

11 May 2010 New Cryostore for Haematological Medicine
On 29 April the Department of Haematological Medicine at the Denmark Hill Campus accepted handover of a new Cryostore.

11 May 2010
Toxic protein plays key role in heart disease

Researchers from the Department of Cardiology have found that accelerated ageing in arteries plays a key role in the development of heart disease.
10 May 2010 Aerospace Physiology student flies high
King's Medicine student Rishi Mandavia has been awarded the Safe Prize for research on aerospace physiology.
6 May 2010 World's first Institute of Palliative Care
HRH The Princess Royal opened the world’s first purpose-built Institute of Palliative Care at King’s yesterday.


30 April 2010 A first for asthma research
The largest ever study to investigate whether it’s possible to prevent children with hay fever going on to develop asthma, is to be undertaken by King’s researchers
28 April 2010 More Swedes than Brits survive lung cancer
Researchers from the Division of Cancer Studies have found the odds of surviving lung cancer are higher in Norway and Sweden than in England.
21 April 2010 New test for early diagnosis of osteoarthritis
Researchers in the Twin Research Unit have discovered a way to
diagnose osteoarthritis earlier than has previously been possible.
14 April 2010 Prostate Cancer linked to increased risk of blood clots
Scientists at from the Division of Cancer Studies have found that men with Prostate Cancer are at increased risk of thromboembolism.
08 April 2010 Cancer patients to benefit from team working
Cancer patients will benefit from improvements made to multidisciplinary teams as a result of research from King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre (KHP).
06 April 2010 Major study into human immune system
Researchers from the NIHR comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre are embarking on a major study into the human immune system and its varying response to vaccination.


25 March 2010 Lion’s Den winners announced
School of Medicine postgraduates were among winners in yesterday’s King’s College London Graduate Business Plan Competition.
23 March 2010 Sir James Black dies
Nobel Laureate Sir James Black OM, Emeritus Professor of Analytical Pharmacology at King's, died yesterday at the age of 85.
18 March 2010 If you go down to the woods today...
Sharing experience: King's Paediatric Society has hosted the third National Paediatric Teddy Bear Hospital Conference.
17 March 2010 Antidepressants benefit physically ill patients
Researchers from King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre have found that antidepressants are effective against depression in patients suffering from physical illnesses.
4 March 2010 MRes bursaries in Imaging
The School of Medicine is offering bursaries for its new MRes programmes in Medical Imaging Sciences and Clinical Imaging Research.
1 March 2010 PSSQ helps deliver key NHS guidance
Research by NIHR King’s Patient Safety and Service Quality Research Centre, together with Foresight Partnership, has led to the launch of a key NHS guidance document.


24 February 2010 Type 1 Diabetes funding boost
Researchers from the School of Medicine will be leading research for a new treatment for type 1 diabetes following an EU grant of €10.9 million.
22 February 2010 Translational research and patient safety
King’s is to lead a consortium to develop ways to integrate healthcare computer systems for clinical care and research.
17 February 2010 King’s has ideas with impact
A new publication, Ideas with Impact, includes details of King’s research on cardiac imaging, cancer treatment, and Huntington’s Disease.
11 February 2010 Launch of unique BSc in Global Health
King’s has launched a one year BSc in Global Health, preparing health professionals to understand global challenges.


29 January 2010 Major medical review following King's study
Three of five studies analysed in a recently published Cochrane Library Review into eating and drinking in labour were conducted by researchers in the School of Medicine


25 January 2010
Celebrating a miracle baby at St Thomas'
Professor Andy Shennan celebrates with a mother and son who were helped by research at St Thomas’ (from the Evening Standard).


19 January 2010
Intercalated BSc programmes 2010
Find out about more about our 19 intercalated programes for 2010 at next month's Intercalated BSc Fair, including a new BSc in Global Health.
18 January 2010 Palliative care service assessment
Researchers at the Department of Palliative Care, Policy & Rehabilitation have found that palliative care for MS patients could save millions of pounds.

14 January 2010
The G-spot: is it a myth?
Scientists at the Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology Unit have published a study claiming there is no evidence that the G-spot exists.

11 January 2010 
World's first heart operation using MRI
A six-year-old boy has successfully had a valve in his heart widened using an MRI scan, using a technique developed by Professor Reza Razavi, Professor of Imaging Science.
7 January 2010 BRC Strategic Project Awards launched
New funding is set to drive forward collaboration between the National Institute for Health Research Centres associated with King’s Health Partners.
5 January 2010 Leukaemia vaccine being developed

Scientists at King’s have developed a vaccine which can be used to stop leukaemia returning after chemotherapy or bone marrow transplant.

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