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Cell and Molecular Imaging & Biodynamics

Our current research program focuses on the development of optical instruments to address fundamental biological questions regarding the dynamic interaction of protein partners within the cellular membrane, furthering our understanding of cell signaling dynamics and control. Recently research has been focused on solving specific biological problems through the application of optical physics with application to in vivo imaging and quantification of tumour vasculature and quantitative analysis protein-protein interactions at the single cell level. These projects have been successful due to synergistic partnerships with biological collaborators.

We are currently applying techniques for single molecule FRET using the burst integrated fluorescence lifetime technique to expressible biosensors and developing a novel multiphoton evanescent wave fluorescence lifetime imaging system to address static interactions between proteins by FRET.

A significant effort in the group is focused on an initiative to develop ‘optical proteomic technology for in situ analysis of protein interaction networks’. This collaboration, involving a number of research groups within the College, aims to develop high-throughput/content optical screening approaches for cell based assays of protein-protein interactions.

As part of a strategic programme of research within the biophysics community at King's, we aim specifically to establish a novel high-throughput fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM)/FRET-based assay that identifies intracellular interactions using genome-wide searches, at the protein level, in mammalian cells. Such a development of high-throughput screening (HTS) for protein-protein and protein-effecter interactions represents a paradigm shift in proteomics technology.

Key people

Current projects

  • Optical Proteomics
  • Protein-conformations probed by single-molecule burst integrated fluorescence lifetime
  • Multiphoton evanescent wave fluorescence lifetime imaging

Contact details

For general enquiries, please contact:

Dr Simon Ameer-Beg
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