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Dr Michelle Holland

Epigenetics and post-transcriptional gene regulation group

Epigenetics and post-transcriptional gene regulation group

The groups’ broad research interests focus on how different aspects of gene expression are regulated in response to environmental exposures. Such gene-environment interactions can influence developmental outcomes resulting in altered phenotypes that may persist into adulthood, yet can also occur at any stage of life. These interactions are critical for regulating how an organism responds to changing environmental conditions and may play a role in diseases which have an environmental component.

We have a particular interest in the molecular mechanisms linking chronic stimulation of stress responsive pathways to changes in genome function at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional level. We aim to elucidate how chromatin and post-transcriptional RNA modifications are involved in linking environmental exposures to ageing- and metabolic-related disease.

To this end, we will build on profiles established using a range of genome-wide profiling techniques to identify novel regulatory pathways and the functional consequences of altering these for cell function, with the ultimate goal of elucidating how such mechanisms contribute to human disease and phenotypic diversity that cannot be accounted for purely by the underlying genetic variation.  

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