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Dr Vlad Seitan's Group

Dr Vlad Seitan's Lab

Dr Vlad Seitan

MRC Career Development Fellow

8th Floor Guys Tower Wing

tel: +44 (0)20 7848 8158


Virtually all the cells in our bodies carry in their nucleus a complete genome. However, differentiation into distinct, specialised types of cells, requires the establishment of very tightly controlled gene expression programs, i.e. activating only a subset of genes, while silencing others. Gene expression is controlled at several different levels, but primarily this takes place through transcriptional control.


We study the molecular mechanisms underpinning the establishment of transcriptional programs during mammalian development. We are particularly interested in architectural mechanisms that shape the three-dimensional structure of the genome, and which determine how gene regulatory elements (promoters, enhancers, silencers and insulators) physically interact with one another to regulate transcription.


We use developing T cells and embryonic stem (ES) cells as experimental systems, and employ a combination of genome-wide approaches to determine how transcriptional programs are established specifically in T cells, as well as more widely in mammalian development.


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