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Dr Susan Cox awarded the RMS Light Microscope Medal

SusanCox_430x280 Dr Susan Cox has been awarded a second prestigious medal with the Royal Microscopy Society Medal for Light Microscope for her outstanding achievements applying and developing new forms of light microscopy

The award follows nominations by Dr Brad Amos, emeritus researcher at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and Dr Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, who leads the Organelle Biology section in the Cell Biology and Metabolism program at the NIH, in recognition of Dr Cox’s ground breaking contribution to super resolution light microscopy.

In its press release the RMS notes that ‘During her career, Dr Cox has developed a new form of super resolution light microscopy called 3B – Bayesian analysis of Bleaching & Blinking, a method which analyses data in which many overlapping fluorophores undergo bleaching and blinking events, resulting in an image of the structure at enhanced resolution. 3B significantly improves resolution of live specimens. Her contribution to localisation microscopy, using blinking and other probes is outstanding.  Her software is now used world-wide to handle data from localisation methods of microscopy and she is becoming the clear voice of rational planning in this field, defining its limits and possibilities for the large number of people who are now entering it. Dr Cox has used 3B and other superresolution imaging approaches to explore a variety of biological questions, including several related to podosome and RhoA signaling along the leading edge of crawling cells. Dr Cox now runs her own group tin the Randall Division and has continued to provide new directions for improving superresolution imaging techniques. She is widely recognised for her contributions in this area by the broader scientific community and is very generous in providing her tools and knowledge-3B can now be readily downloaded, with Image J plugins and source codes for its performance and it has been noted by many how clear, concise and engaging Dr Cox’s lectures are.’

Dr Cox will be presented with the medal at the Microscience Microscopy Congress, mmc2015 – the flagship event of the Royal Microscopical Society, taking place 29 June – 2 July 2015 in Manchester, UK

Early this year Dr Cox’s was awarded the Society of Experimental Biology's President's Medal for the Cell Section for her development and application of novel super-resolution fluorescence microscopy techniques for live cell imaging. More information can be found here.