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Randall welcomes back Dr Thomas Iskratsch to the Division

ThomasIskratch_220x303Dr Thomas Iskratsch returns to the Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biophysics as a British Heart Foundation Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellow.

Thomas has taken up the position after moving from Columbia University, New York where he was an American Heart Association Research Fellow in Professor Michael Sheetz’s lab studying the role of actin assembly proteins of the formin family in focal adhesion formation and mechanotransduction in fibroblasts, T-cells and cardiomyocytes. Prior to this Thomas was a post-doctoral scientist in Dr Elisabeth Ehler’s group in the Randall Division.

His group is interested in how mechanical forces regulate cell behaviour, in particular, the formation and maintenance of myofibrils in cardiomyocytes during heart development or in cardiac disease. For this he uses a range of cell and mechanobiology methods, including picoNewton strength force probing, micropatterning or specifically designed protein activity sensors.  Thomas’s group is part of the Muscle Signalling research section headed by Professor Mathias Gautel.

For more details about Thomas’s research visit the Iskratsch Group webpages.