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Dr Susan Cox awarded SEB President's Medal

Dr Susan Cox, a Group Leader in the Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics, has been awarded the Society of Experimental Biology's President's Medal for the Cell Section for her development and application of novel super-resolution fluorescence microscopy techniques for live cell imaging.  Her development of Bayeian blinking and bleaching analysis (3B) has not only opened up super-resolution microscopy techniques to many laboratories without specialist instruments, but also allowed super-resolution of dynamic processes in live cells to be carried out far faster than before.

As a Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr Rainer Heintzmann at King's Dr Cox first became aware of super-resolution microscopy, and became interested in how it could be used to investigate biological systems.  Following this, Dr Cox launched her own research group in the Randall Division as a Royal Society University Research Fellow in 2011.

Dr Cox's current research involves developing a deeper understanding of localisation microscopy, and using this understanding to improve the images that can be obtained. She investigates a number of cytoskeletal structures in collaboration with other researchers in the Randall, in particular podosomes (in collaboration with Professor Gareth Jones), filopodia (in collaboration with Dr Maddy Parsons) and cardiac myocytes (in collaboration with Professor Malcolm Irving and Professor Mathias Gautel).  


Dr Cox has an international profile and her methods have been taken up by researchers from around the world.  She has received and accepted many invitations to present at international conferences and seminars at institutes/universities throughout Europe and the USA.  She will be presented with the medal in June at the Society of Experimental Biology's annual meeting in Prague.