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Owen Group

The Owen Group

Group leader: Dr Dylan Owen


The research interests of the Owen group are in the development and application of cutting-edge fluorescence microscopy techniques and their applications to cell biology, in particular the study of cell membranes and T cells. The microscope techniques particularly include super-resolution fluorescence imaging based on single-molecule detection as well as associated data analysis. We also work with environmentally-sensitive fluorescent probes with spectrally-resolved detection as well as fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM). These are applied to cell biology applications. We are particularly interested in the structure and function of the cell membrane and how this regulates cellular signalling events. An especially important application of this is the study of the T cell immunological synapse between the immune cell and its target cell during an immune response.


Quantitative cluster map of protein heterogeneity at the plasma membrane of HeLa cells



Membrane lipid order imaged in live zebrafish embryos using environmentally sensitive dyes

The Owen group is based both in the Randall Division and the Department of Physics


Group Members

Dr Dylan Owen

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