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Jones Group

Professor Gareth E Jones

Professor of Cell Biology



Research Interests

My research is directed towards understanding the molecular mechanisms regulating directed cell movements and adhesion turnover in myeloid leukocytes. Using a combination of optical microscopy techniques including widefield phase contrast/fluorescence time-lapse, LS confocal imaging, FRAP, TIRF, FRET and FLIM, the work of our group examines the dynamics of key proteins involved in forming and dissociating podosomes and invadopodia in living and migrating cells. More recently, my colleague Dr Susan Cox and I have developed a novel analytical tool we term 3B to measure molecular dynamics of podosomal proteins in live cells at 50 nm resolution and we are now advancing the method to further discover the spatio-temporal interactions of podosomal proteins such a WASP, WIP, vinculin and talin as these structures form and dissociate as cell migrate.

Recent Awards

  • Visiting Professor, Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore  (2010-present)
  • Visiting Professor, University of  Hong Kong, China. (2012-present)
  • KCL Graduate School Supervisory Excellence Award (2014)
  • NUS Partnership Award (2014)
  • MRC: Next Generation Optical Microscopy (2013-2018)

Recent reviews

Research Papers

  • Yu C-H, Rafiq N, Fakun C, Zhou Y, Krishnasamy,A, Biswas KH, Ravasio A., Chen Z, Wang Yu-H, Kawauchi K, Jones GE, Sheetz MP (2015). Integrin-beta3 clusters recruit clathrin-mediated endocytic machinery in the absence of traction force. Nature Commun.6: doi:10.1038/ncomms9672.
  • Vijayakumar V, Monypenny J, Chen XJ, Machesky LM, Lilla S, Thrasher AJ, Anton IM, Calle Y, Jones GE (2015). Tyrosine phosphorylation of WIP releases bound WASP and impairs podosome assembly in macrophages. J.Cell.Sci. 128: 251-265.
  • Yu, C-H., Rafiq, N., Krishnasamy, A., Hartman, K.L., Jones, G.E., Bershadsky, A.D. & Sheetz, M.P. (2013). Integrin-Matrix Clusters Form Podosome-like Adhesions in the Absence of Traction Forces. Cell Reports 5:1456-1468.
  • Cox S., Rosten E., Monypenny J., Jovanovic-Talisman T., Burnette D., Lippincott-Schwartz J., Jones G.E, Heintzmann R. (2012). Bayesian localisation microscopy reveals nanoscale podosome dynamics. Nature Methods 9: 195-200.


Research in my laboratories is funded by the Medical Research Council UK, The Mechanobiology Institute, NUS Singapore where I work with Professors M. Sheetz and A. Bershadsky, and by two current awards from the Research Grants Committee of the UGC, Hong Kong China in collaboration with Professor George Tsao, Convenor of the Research Centre on Cell Signalling of the University of Hong Kong.

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