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Jones Group

Selected Publications

  • Vijayakumar V, Monypenny J, Chen XJ, Machesky LM, Lilla S, Thrasher AJ, Anton IM, Calle Y, Jones GE (2015). Tyrosine phosphorylation of WIP releases bound WASP and impairs podosome assembly in macrophages. J.Cell.Sci. 128: 251-265.

  • Yu C-H, Rafiq N, Fakun C, Zhou Y, Krishnasamy,A, Biswas KH, Ravasio A., Chen Z, Wang Yu-H, Kawauchi K, Jones GE, Sheetz MP (2015). Integrin-beta3 clusters recruit clathrin-mediated endocytic machinery in the absence of traction force. Nature Commun.6: Article number:8672. doi:10.1038/ncomms9672.

  • Yu, C-H., Rafiq, N., Krishnasamy, A., Hartman, K.L., Jones, G.E., Bershadsky, A.D. & Sheetz, M.P. (2013). Integrin-Matrix Clusters Form Podosome-like Adhesions in the Absence of Traction Forces. Cell Reports 5:1456-1468.

  • Cox S., Rosten E., Monypenny J., Jovanovic-Talisman T., Burnette D., Lippincott-Schwartz J., Jones G.E, Heintzmann R. (2012). Bayesian localisation microscopy reveals nanoscale podosome dynamics. Nature Methods 9: 195-200.

  • Calle, Y., Anton, I.M., Thrasher, A.J. & Jones, G.E. (2008). WASP and WIP regulate podosomes in migrating leukocytes. J.Microsc. 231: 494-505.Anton, I.M., Jones, G.E, Wandosell, F., Geha, R. & Ramesh, N. (2007). WASP-interacting protein (WIP): working in polymerisation and much more. Trends in Cell Biol. 17: 555-562.Chou, H-C, Anton, I.M., Holt, M., Curcio, C., Lanzardo, S., Worth, A., Burns, S., Thrasher, A.J., Jones,G.E.* & Calle, Y*. (2006). WIP regulates the stability and localisation of WASP to podosomes in migrating dendritic cells. Curr.Biol. 16: 2337-2344.

  • Jones, G.E., Zicha, D., Dunn, G.A., Blundell, M & Thrasher, A.J. (2002). Restoration of podosomes and chemotaxis in Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome macrophages following induced expression of WASP. Int.J.Biochem.Cell Biol. 34: 806-815.

  • Burns, S., Thrasher, A.J., Blundell, M., Machesky, L. & Jones, G.E. (2001). Configuration of human dendritic cell cytoskeleton by Rho GTPases, WASp-Arp2/3, and differentiation. Blood 98: 1142-1149.

  • Thrasher, A.J., Burns, S., Lorenzi, R. & Jones, G.E. (2000). The Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome: disordered actin dynamics in haematopoietic cells. Immunol.Rev. 178: 118-128
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