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Krause Group

The Krause Group

Group Leader: Dr Matthias Krause

The goal of the Krause group is to elucidate mechanisms that regulate directed cell motility downstream of growth factor and axon guidance receptors. We also aim to uncover how growth factor signalling pathways integrate cell proliferation and cell migration. Tight regulation of cell motility and cell proliferation is essential for multicellular animal development, lymphocyte chemotaxis, and navigation of growing axons in the developing nervous system. Aberrant regulation of these processes can lead to development of cancer and metastasis. We are utilizing live cell microscopy to analyze quantitatively the effects of genetically altered levels of signalling molecules (MRL protein family (MIG-10, RIAM, Lamellipodin (Lpd), and Pico), the Ena/VASP family (Mena, VASP, EVL), on cytoskeletal dynamics, growth cone behaviour, cell polarity, and cell migration. Biochemical analysis of signalling complexes complements this analysis.

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