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Most relevant publications

  • Ehler, E., B.M. Rothen, S.P. Hämmerle, M. Komiyama and J.-C. Perriard (1999): Myofibrillogenesis in the developing chicken heart: Assembly of Z-disk, M-line and the thick filaments. J. Cell Sci. 112, 1529-1539
  • Ehler, E., R. Horowits, C. Zuppinger, R.L. Price, E. Perriard, M. Leu, P. Caroni, M. Sussman and J.-C. Perriard (2001): Alterations at the intercalated disk associated with the absence of muscle LIM protein. J. Cell Biol. 153, 763-772
  • Ahuja, P, E. Perriard, J.-C. Perriard and E. Ehler (2004): Sequential myofibrillar breakdown accompanies mitotic division of mammalian cardiomyocytes. J. Cell Sci 117, 3295-3306.
  • Lange, S., M. Himmel, D. Auerbach, I. Agarkova, K. Hayess, D.O. Fürst, J.-C. Perriard and E. Ehler (2005): Dimerisation of myomesin: implications for the structure of the sarcomeric M-band. J. Mol. Biol. 345, 289-298.
  • Ahuja, P., E. Perriard, T. Pedrazzini, S. Satoh, J.-C. Perriard and E. Ehler (2007): Re-expression of proteins involved in cytokinesis during cardiac hypertrophy. Exp. Cell Res. 313, 1270-1283

Review articles

  • Perriard, J.-C., A. Hirschy and E. Ehler (2003): Dilated cardiomyopathy. A disease of the intercalated disc? Trends Cardiovasc. Med. 13, 30-38
  • Lange, S., I. Agarkova, J.-C. Perriard and E. Ehler (2006): The sarcomeric M-band during development and in disease. J. Muscle Res. Cell Motil. 26, 375-379.
  • Ehler, E. and M. Gautel (2008): The sarcomere and sarcomerogenesis. Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. 642, 1-14.
  • Gehmlich, K., C. Geier, H. Milting, D. Fürst and E. Ehler (2008): Back to square one: what do we know about the functions of muscle LIM protein in the heart? J. Muscle Res. Cell Motil. 29, 155-158.
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