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Mankoo Group


  • Professor Mathias Gautel (Randall Division) Murf2 function in cardiac muscle in embryonic and post-natal development
  • Professor S. Hughes (Randall Division). Skeletal muscle development in zebrafish
  • Dr. P. Zammit (Randall Division). Satellite cell distribution and activation in skeletal muscles of Meox2 mutants
  • Dr. J. Ellis (Randall Division). Meox2/Lamin interactions in ageing
  • Dr. H. Arnheiter (NIH, USA) Meox1 regulates the development of the atlanto-axis vertebral joint
  • Dr. N. Bobola (Manchester U., UK) Homeobox transcription factor hierarchies in branchial arch development
  • Dr. M. Buckingham (Pasteur Inst., France) Transcriptional regulation of the limb enhancer of Myf5
  • Professor J. Epstein (Uni. Penn., USA) Regulation of the hypaxial enhancer of Pax3
  • Dr. D. Gorski (Wayne State U.,USA) Meox2 function in endothelial cells
  • Professor G. Owens (Virginia U., USA) Vascular Smooth Muscle development
  • Professor K. Patel (Reading U., UK) Biomechanical measurements on Meox2 mutant muscle fibres, fibretype assay.
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