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Molecular mechanism of muscle regulation by troponin

  • Orientation of troponin with respect to the actin filament axis in cardiac and skeletal muscle.
  • Conformational changes in troponin in relation to the bindings of Ca2+ to the troponin C regulatory sites and myosin to the actin filament during muscle activation
  • Kinetics of structural changes in troponin in relation to active force development and relaxation.

Control of myofilament calcium-sensitivity in heart muscle

  • Role of the troponin in the co-operative Ca2+ regulation of cardiac contractility.
  • Molecular mechanism of the length dependence of Ca2+ sensitivity in cardiac muscle that underlies the Frank-Starling relation between end-diastolic volume and systolic function.
  • Structural changes in troponin in relation to physiological and pathological modulation of myofilament Ca2+-sensitivity, e.g. troponin I phosphorylation, cardiotonic drugs and troponin mutations associated with cardiomyopathy.
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