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Research Staff Network

Our Members

The Research Staff Network (RSN) Committee is led by three core members, while the wider committee members represent research divisions across the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine. 

Core Committee Members

Ana Baburamani 


RSN Champion 

Ana is from Melbourne, Australia and started working as a Research Associate in the Department of Perinatal Imaging and Health in August, 2014. Prior to this she worked at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden as a Postdoctoral researcher for 3 years. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of perinatal brain injury and is investigating the important role mitochondria play in cell death processes in the developing brain following hypoxia-ischemia. Ana completed her PhD at The Ritchie Centre, Monash University, Australia in 2011 in the specialities of fetal physiology and neuroscience. Ana is also the Chair of the Imaging Sciences Early Career Researcher Society which was set up in 2015. In addition to her research Ana enjoys travelling, a day out at the cricket and recently completed her first half marathon.

Martin Eichmann


Martin obtained his diploma degree in Bioengineering from the Munich University of Applied Sciences and a PhD in Immunology from King’s College London. He continues his work and interest in the autoimmune disease type 1 diabetes (T1D), while conducting research to further develop peptide-based immunotherapy for T1D, in a collaborative project with UCB Celltech.He feels passionate about an interconnected research staff network within the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine (FOLSM); and thinks that uniting, sharing and implementing ideas and comments from research staff of the FOLSM’s divisions will greatly enhance the experience for all researchers while working within the Faculty of FOLSM at King’s. Martin encourages everyone to participate in this exciting development to make it a sounding success, helping researchers to progress with their careers.

Ah-Lai Law


RSN Diversity & Inclusion Champion 

Ah-Lai is a postdoc in the Randall Division where she is the deputy Research Staff representative. She is currently the Diversity and Inclusion Representative for The Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine’s Research Staff Network and is a member of the Faculty Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group. Ah-Lai completed her PhD at UCL and joined Kings after her first postdoc in Paris. These posts have provided her with experience in a variety of research environments and a clear understanding of the obstacles often experienced by research staff both in their native country and in a foreign country. Ah-Lai enjoys running and the arts in her spare time.


WBlank spaceider Committee Members 

Lorena Benedetti - Cancer Studies

LORENA BENEDETTIRSN representative for Cancer Studies Division:

I am a biologist passionate about cancer research, I have been working in the field for more than ten years. I joined KCL Cancer Studies Division as a Research Associate two years ago. Our group is based on New Hunt’s House (Guy’s campus), where we study cancer genomics -we are a mix of computational and experimental biologists. I believe that networking and effective communication are key for a successful career. About a year and a half ago, with the support of our division, a group of postdocs and myself started the Division of Cancer Studies Post-Doc Research Staff association. We meet monthly to promote communication, networking and training. Please feel free to contact me if you want to learn more about our activities.

Helen Booth - Health & Social Care Research

HELEN BOOTHRSN representative for Health & Social Care Research (HSCR) Division: 

Helen’s role is split between research and working as a general advisor with the Research Design Service. She completed her PhD at King’s in 2014 and is now continuing her research into obesity in primary care using electronic health records as a research associate.

Alan Brailsford - Analytical & Environmental Sciences

ALAN BRAILSFORDRSN representative for Analytical & Environmental Sciences (AES) Division

I arrived at King’s in autumn 2004 to begin a PhD in analytical chemistry, and following its completion took up a post-doc position within the group, and I’m still here over 10 years later. Throughout this time I have been based in the Drug Control Centre (within the Division of Analytical and Environmental sciences), the UK’s only World Anti-Doping Agency accredited laboratory, and have undertaken research in areas such as analytical toxicology as well anti-doping. From a teaching perspective I am a module lead for Analytical toxicology (MSc) and Analytical Science for Industry (MSc) within the Department of Pharmacy and Forensic science and also assist at busy times such as poster marking on the Forensic Science (MSc). In addition, I finished the PGCAPHE last year focusing on student’s expectations/perceptions of feedback and the use of technology in higher education.

Marina Cecelja - Cardiovascular

MARINA CECELJARSN representative for Cardiovascular Division: 

Dr. Marina Cecelja currently holds a non-clinical career establishment fellowship provided by King’s College London British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence. She completed her BSc in Human Sciences at University College London and completed her PhD in Cardiovascular Physiology in 2011 at King’s College London investigating the pathophysiological and genetic mechanisms of aortic stiffness and pulse pressure. In 2009 and 2014 she was awarded the Artery Young Investigator prize and won the British Hypertension Society Young Investigator Prize in 2010. Her current research interests continue those from her PhD investigating genetic mechanism underlying vascular aging using the Twins UK cohort at St Thomas’ and using multi-modality imaging techniques to characterize vascular changes with age and its effect on central blood pressure.

Eirini Dimidi - Diabetes & Nutritional Sciences

EIRINI DIMIDIRSN representative for Diabetes & Nutritional Sciences Division:

Eirini Dimidi has been a registered dietitian since 2011. She completed an MSc in Public Health and Clinical Nutrition from University College London in 2013, and then joined King’s College to do her PhD. In 2016, Eirini Dimidi was appointed as a Research Associate at the Nutritional Sciences division, King’s College London, where she is undertaking further research on nutritional interventions for the management of functional bowel disorders. 

Arna van Engelen - Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering

ARNA VAN ENGELENRSN representative for Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering Division:

Arna van Engelen is a post-doctoral research associate in the department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering. She has been postdoctoral representative for the BME department since mid-2015 and is a member of the Imaging Sciences Early Career Researcher Society. Her scientific work focuses on image processing for cardiovascular diseases, mainly for the study of atherosclerotic plaques.

Consol Farrera - Genetics & Molecular Medicine

CONSOL FARRERARSN representative for Genetics & Molecular Medicine Division:

Consol Farrera is currently working as a Research Associate in Prof Frank Nestle's group. She obtained her PhD at the University of Barcelona studying basic signalling mechanisms regulating the biology of primary murine macrophages. Then she worked as a Postdoc at Prof Bengt Fadeel group at Karolinska Institutet, where she was working with neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs). She is highly interested in basic mechanisms regulating innate immune responses and especially in the transfer of this knowledge to the bed-side. In her current position in Prof Nestle's lab, she has focused on finding new biomarkers for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis and ultimately in improving treatment outcomes in patients suffering from these highly prevalent diseases. 

Toshana Foster -  Immunology, Infection & Inflammatory Disease

TOSHANA FOSTERRSN representative for Immunology, Infection & Inflammatory Disease Division

Toshana is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Infectious Diseases. Toshana completed her PhD in Structural Virology at the University of Leeds before moving to KCL, where her work focuses on understanding the functional mechanism of action of a family of anti-viral proteins in HIV pathogenesis. Toshana is a Division of Immunology, Infection and Inflammatory Diseases (DIIID) Postdoc Network committee member and feels that a supportive community network from which researchers can access and share information can positively contribute towards successful career development.

Lauren Fovargue - Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering

LAUREN FOVARGUERSN representative for Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering Division: 

Lauren Fovargue is a post-doctoral research associate in the department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering. She has been the postdoctoral representative for the BME department since late 2014 and is a founding member of the Imaging Sciences Early Career Researcher Society. Scientifically, her research focuses on patient-specific computational modelling of dyssynchronous heart failure and response to cardiac resynchronisation therapy.

Melissa Galea Holmes - Health & Social Care Research

RMELISSA GALEA HOLMESSN representative for Health & Social Care Research (HSCR) Division:  

Melissa Galea Holmes is a post-doctoral researcher in the Academic Department of Physiotherapy. Her interests include the development and evaluation of behaviour-change interventions supporting the self-management of long-term illnesses. A particular focus includes physical activity engagement among individuals with peripheral arterial disease.

Ana Georgian - Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

ANA GEORGIANRSN representative for the Insitute of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Ana completed her PhD in Physiology at King’s in 2014 (BBSRC/ AstraZeneca funded), which focused on the effects of cancer at the blood-brain barrier (BBB). She has since continued her work in the BBB field, assessing drug delivery to the brain for a number of pharmaceutical companies, whilst based at King’s. Her current work focuses on Alzheimer's at the BBB (MRC funded). 

Ana is an expert in cell culture technique, specialising in the isolation and growth of primary brain cells. She also has expertise in functional assays assessing drug delivery to the brain as well as histology and confocal microscopy. 

Cally Gill - Women's Health

RSN representative for Women's Health Division: 


I have worked in the Division of Women’s Health at St Thomas’ Hospital for over 5 years now. I am a post-doctoral research technician, supporting the clinical research team. I work closely with academics, students and clinical staff of all levels. My position offers a unique opportunity to network and share the concerns of research staff at all stages of their careers. Rima and I look forward to helping establish a network for the research staff community in Women’s Health. If you would like to get involved, please come and chat with us.

Maria Herrero Zazo - Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

MARIA HERRERO ZAZORSN representative for the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Maria Herrero is a Maplethorpe Fellow in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science at KCL and her research is focused on the application of computational methods to different aspects in pharmaceutical research and practice. She graduated with a degree in Pharmacy and holds a PhD in Computer Science and Technology. In her Maplethorpe research, Maria works under the guidance of Dr. David Barlow studying the repurposing of drugs for treatment of psychiatric conditions.

Fiona Lewis - Centre of Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences

RFIONA LEWISSN representative for the Centre of Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences (CHAPS): 

Dr. Fiona Lewis has worked at the Centre of Human and Aerospace Physiological Sciences at King’s College London for the past 3 years.  During her time at King’s, Fiona was responsible for developing effective skeletal muscle regenerative therapies based on stem cell mobilisation or replacement using a large animal pre-clinical model. Fiona is now working on a BHF funded project within Dr. Ellison’s group investigating the effect of ageing on human cardiac stem cells. Alongside her research commitments Fiona is involved in undergraduate/MSc teaching and is a STEM ambassador.  Fiona lives with her partner in a dual career household and enjoys in her free time enjoys yoga and walking her puppy.

Peter McErlean - Asthma, Allergy & Lung Biology

PETER MCERLEANRSN representative for Asthma, Allergy & Lung Biology Division:

Peter McErlean is a postdoctoral fellow within the Division of Asthma Allergy and Lung Biology, Guys Campus. His research focuses on the genomic and epigenomic mechanisms of asthma.

Transplantation, Immunology & Mucosal Biology

RSN representative for Transplantation, Immunology & Mucosal Biology (DTIMB) Division:

Rima Patel - Women's Health

RIMA PATELRSN representative for Women's Health Division:

I am a postdoctoral researcher studying the impact of reproductive ageing on myometrial and cervical function in pregnancy and parturition. Myself and Cally Gill are the representatives for Women's Health and we would very much like to establish a strong research staff network for our division. Therefore, if you are a postdoctoral scientist, research fellow or research assistant working within Women's Health at KCL, please send myself or Cally an email for more information.

My email address is: We look forward to hearing from you.

Karin Pfisterer - Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biology

RSN representative for Randall Division of Cell & Molecular Biology: 

Karin Pfisterer studied Genetics/Microbiology at the University of Vienna, Austria, and completed her MSc studies with research on regulatory circuits maintaining skin immune homeostasis at the Division of Immunology, Allergy and Infectious Diseases. She performed her PhD thesis in Immunology at the Molecular Immunology Unit of the Medical University of Vienna investigating the role of the late endosomal transporter CD222 in proximal T cell receptor signalling. Karin joined King’s in August 2015 as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Prof Dr Maddy Parson at the Randall institute. 

Cathryn Pinto -  Cicely Saunders Institute of Palliative Care, Policy & Rehabilitation

Cathryn PintoRSN representative for the Cicely Saunders Institute of Palliative Care, Policy & Rehabilitation: 

I joined the Cicely Saunders Institute at King’s College, London in 2015. I am currently working on the C-Change project which aims to develop a casemix classification to inform palliative care funding. Prior to this role, I’ve worked with the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Society, Mumbai, India as a psychologist and researcher. I have completed an MSc in Health Psychology and am interested in improving the experiences of patients and families receiving healthcare.

Megan Rossi - Diabetes & Nutritional Sciences

MEGAN ROSSIRSN representative for Diabetes & Nutritional Sciences (DNS) Division: 

Dr Megan Rossi is a Research Fellow in the Diet and Gastrointestinal Group within the DNS Division. Megan applies her expertise as a clinical dietitian to investigate the role of diet, particularly dietary fibre, in gut health.


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