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MitoDNA ®

FAQ and Testimonials

  • Q1: I am working with mouse/rat, can I measure MtDNA?

A1: Yes. We have assays optimised for human, rat and mouse tissues.

  • Q2: Can I send you frozen blood/tissue/serum/sperm or do I need to send DNA samples?

A2: Yes. We can accept any tissue or body fluid, please see Sample Requirement and Processing for how to send the samples.

  • Q3: My samples are already in the form of DNA, will I still be able to use your assay?

A3: We prefer to extract the DNA ourselves as the extraction protocol can affect the results. However if you do not have any of the original sample left you can contact us to discuss how we can help you.

  • Q4: Will you use all the DNA you extract from my sample for the assay?

A4: In most cases the answer is no, we will have DNA left over. This can be returned to you for a charge. P[lease indicate this when you order as otherwise your samples will be disposed within 4 weeks of you receiving the results.

  • Q5: Will I get the raw data or the final result?

A5: We will email you an Excel spreadsheet with the raw data containing the following information: 

    • Yield of DNA (determined using Nanodrop)
    • MtDNA copies per 10ng in triplicate (determined using absolute quantification method by real time qPCR)
    • Nuclear DNA copies per 10ng in triplicate (determined using absolute quantification method by real time qPCR)

You can then use this data for either absolute or relative quantifications depending on your requirement.

  • Q6: I am not sure how to analyse the data, can you help?

A6: Yes. We can give you guidance on the analysis. For detailed help, please contact us to discuss.

  • Q7: I am not sure how to design my experiment to measure MtDNA, can you help?

A7: Yes, we offer a consultancy service. Please contact us to discuss.

  • Q8: I want to measure Mt/N in human tissue, can I send this to you by post?

A8: Please ensure you are covered under the terms of the Human Tissue Authorities before accepting human samples. Ethical approval is the customer's own responsibility.

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