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Diet & Cardiometabolic Health

About Diet & Cardiometabolic Health

The Diet & Cardiometabolic Health Research Group focuses on understanding the physiological processes by which diet influences cardiovascular and type 2 diabetes risk factors especially those concerned with plasma lipoproteins, glucose homeostasis/insulin sensitivity, haemostasis, blood pressure and vascular function. Much of our research has been concerned with altering the type, particularly polyunsaturated fatty acids, and level of fat in the diet, as well as bioactive components in fruits and vegetables (nitrate, polyphenols), the role of sleep in determining diet quality, energy balance and cardio-metabolic health, and the cardio-metabolic impact of whole dietary patterns. The group have also pioneered research into the effect of triglyceride structure on postprandial lipid metabolism. More recently we have been investigating the effect of different types of fat and food structure on the release of gut hormones that promote insulin secretion and have effects on satiety. Over the years, we have acquired a high level of expertise in carrying out complex acute and chronic dietary intervention trials. Our over-riding goal is to provide robust evidence for the optimum dietary intervention for reducing risk of CVD and T2D

Research in the Diet & Cardiometabolic Health group is funded by the BBSRC, MRC, Innovate UK, industry and industry-related bodies, and various medical research charities.

The Diet & Cardiometabolic Health research group is led by Dr Wendy Hall.

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