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Weekly Maths Challenge

Seven Day Maths

Challenge 185: Reasoner's Remarkable Rules

Dr Reasoner (see challenges 160 and 173) is very excited about her new ideas concerning prime numbers.

Her first claim is that if p is a prime number, it is always possible to find a whole number n such that np + 1 is a square number. Is she right? If so, can you prove it? If not, can you adapt her claim to make it true?

Her second claim is that for any odd number n, there is always a prime p so that np + 1 is a square number. Can you prove (or disprove) her claim?

Mathematics is a subject where you learn best by tackling problems. Every week, a new problem will be posted here for you to pit your wits against.

We invite you to have a go at solving it. If you get stuck, keep trying, and do go away and come back later – you will often find that you have a better idea on your second, third or even fourth attempt. If you have solved the problem, you can send your solutions to You are welcome to either scan in written work, or to type your solutions. If you are emailing for the first time, please let us know what year you are currently in and what school you are at.

Past problems can be accessed below, and we welcome submissions of solutions for those too.

Follow us on Twitter here: @sevendaymaths, so that you never miss a new problem being posted!

Good luck! 


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