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Celpe-Bras Examination


Celpe-Bras is the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners, awarded by Brazil’s Ministry of Education. It is the only such certificate officially recognised by the Brazilian government.

Exam dates and time

  • The Modern Language Centre runs an exam session once a year (usually April)
  • Registration period and exam dates: the dates are announced here.

Who takes the Celpe-bras exam?

  • Learners of Portuguese who wish to gauge their progress or provide proof of their level of proficiency
  • Students planning to study at a higher-education institution in Brazil
  • Professionals who wish to have an academic certificate from their own country validated in Brazil, or who need to register with professional bodies such as the Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine


All candidates take the same exam, and are subsequently classified as having attained one of four levels of proficiency: intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced, or highly advanced.

Exam format

  • Oral Component 20 minutes: A face-to-face conversation about topic not known in advance
  • Written component 3 hours: 4 writing tasks based on listening and reading comprehension of one video, one audio, and two texts.

Further information about the format on Celpe-Bras site:


Register online for your Celpe-Bras (during registration period). 

Pay £90.00 registration fee (non-refundable) at the King’s eStore once applications have opened. Once you have applied and paid the registration fee you will receive within 2 days written confirmation of the date and time of your exam.


The results will be available online, within three months of the exam, at

If you have any questions about Celpe-Bras please email


Portuguese Celpe-Bras Examination Preparation

Should you need additional assistance with your Portuguese before you take the exam, we are running a number of short courses that will help you with your preparation. 

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