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British Sign Language

British Sign Language (BSL) is a unique language developed by the deaf and hearing-impaired community in Britain. It was recognised in 2003 by the British government as a language in its own right. It has almost 200,000 deaf and hearing users all over the UK.

It is often assumed that BSL is just an interpretation of English but in fact, English and BSL are very different. BSL has its own grammar and sentence structures. BSL is a visual language and therefore easier to learn. Many of the words used are common gestures and require use of your hands, face and body to communicate. The alphabet is quick to learn, and after some practice students can sign their names.

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. They use their own personal experiences and knowledge to inspire and encourage students to progress in their learning.

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British Sign Language Level 1, Part 1 (one-week intensive)

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15 hours

Greet people, use numbers, times and dates, describe the weather, people and activities. This course is ideal for complete beginners.

Summer course

Price:£140 - £210

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