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French Level 3, Parts 1-3 (45 hours)

Online course dates and time

Day: Time: Dates:
Saturday 10.00 - 13.00 10/10/2020 - 13/02/2021


Intermediate (is this the right level for me?)


45 hours

This course does not carry any credit towards a degree


By studying French Level 3, you will be able to understand authentic passages on familiar issues, communicate on a variety of subjects using accurate pronunciation and intonation and a range of language and structure, be able to read and summarize a limited number of authentic texts, be able to write more complex texts on familiar issues and develop intercultural competence further.

The price shown above includes the 10% discount for the level which runs over 15 consecutive weeks (45 hours). 

What does this course cover?

Part 1: Autumn 1 (October - November)

Topics may include:

  • Food, eating habit and gastronomy
  • Collaborative projects
  • Accommodation and house sharing
  • Living together and neighbours
  • Origins and family tree
  • Relations within families and between generations

Functions may include:

  • Expressing one’s interest or indifference
  • Expressing nuances, advice, orders, permissions, and interdictions
  • Describing different types of accommodations
  • Talking about food and food store
  • Talking about one’s background and origins

Grammar may include:

  • Revision and consolidation of grammar introduced at level 2
  • Introduction to subjunctive mood (expressing obligation and advice)
  • Negation and restriction with the use of prefixes: im- / ir- etc.
  • Passé composé of the reflexive verbs
  • Past tenses: Use of passé composé and imparfait together
  • Time indicators  

Part 2: Autumn 2 (November - December)

Topics may include:

  • Work environment and work experience
  • Job market
  • Digital nomad and e-work
  • Fashion and consumption
  • Collaborative consumers and ethical

Functions may include:

  • Expressing opinion
  • Expressing emotions
  • Describing one’s job position and responsibilities
  • Expressing one’s point of view and comparing
  • Job hunting and applying for a job
  • Talking about consumption

Grammar may include:

  • Subjunctive and indicative moods to express opinions
  • Subjunctive and infinite mood to expresso goal and aim
  • Simple relative pronouns: qui-que-où-dont
  • Place of adjectives
  • Comparative and superlative

Part 3: Winter 1 (January - February) 

Topics may include:

  • Social and intercultural interaction
  • Diversity in France
  • French language
  • Francophonie and French-speaking countries
  • Digital medias
  • Journalism and information
  • Independence of medias

Functions may include:

  • Presenting the importance of one’s language and languages
  • Talking about cultural diversity 
  • Discussing and presenting news
  • Narrating past events
  • Talking about the past following timeline and chronology
  • Reacting and giving opinion about the news
  • Debating on current affairs and media 

Grammar may include:

  • Past tenses: plus-que-parfait
  • Pronouns ‘y’ and ‘en
  • Time indicators for chronology of events
  • Passive mood
  • Adverbs of manner (-ment)
  • Adjectives agreements
  • Nominalisation


What will I achieve?

When French Level 3 is complete, you will achieve the equivalent of A2/B1 level of the CEFR, level 2 of the RQF.


*The above is an indication of content that may be covered over the duration of the course but it could vary depending on the level and progress of students in the class.

Full fee£567

Alumni/Staff/UoL/KHP fee£473

King's degree student fee£378

Enrolment deadlines:

Autumn Term (October – December): Midnight Thursday 01 October 2020

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