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17 August 2021

Lack of exercise and poor nutrition could increase the risk of diseases like dementia

Diet and exercise can influence the risk of cognitive decline (CD) and dementia by potentially…

17 August 2021

King's to partner on new study into mental health support for first generation university students

The study, which has been awarded over £180,000 from the Office for Students, will explore mental…

Gaboon viper fang2
11 August 2021

Venom-injecting fangs evolved independently in vipers and cobras

King’s College London biologists shed new light on the…

10 August 2021

Wildfires becoming harder to control

Professor Demeritt spoke with the BBC Radio4 Today programme…

9 July 2021

Preventing new HIV infections through vital medication guidelines

Research by King’s provides vital evidence on the efficacy…

29 June 2021

The Poverty Paradox: Helping the world's poorest people

Research from King's has found that, contrary to established…

23 June 2021

Enhancing political decision-making and public debate on leaving the EU

Looking at the impact of UK in a Changing Europe, five years…

18 June 2021

Creating medical devices with the people that use them

How patients teamed up with researchers, clinicians,…

9 June 2021

Watching for ways to make sight tests better

A King’s Business School study will help make sight tests in…

7 June 2021

Investigating promising cervical cancer screening method

Since the mid-1940s, cervical screening in the form of Pap…

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