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07 September 2016

King's and Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe - VisTac Hackathon 2016

A fully immersive experience of augmented reality mixing tactile and visual sensations: this is the objective for the first VisTac Hackathon organised by Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe (KMLE) and the 5G Tactile Internet Lab of the Centre for Telecommunications Research (CTR) at King’s College London.

For five days, from 5 – 9 September 2016, a team of engineers from the two research organisations will face the challenge of integrating the two different devices developed and used in their laboratories.

The integration of the 5G telecommunications technologies developed at King’s with Neuro Digital’s Haptic Gloveone and Konica Minolta’s Wearable Communicators (WCc) Glasses will demonstrate that fusing information from tactile sensation with the eye’s perception may lead to a more complete and satisfactory augmented reality experience with a great number of applications in different sectors. Indeed, the main objective of the hackathon is to move a block visualised in WCc smart glasses with gesture and haptic feedback using Gloveone by NeuroDigital Technologies.

Two wearable devices, one experience

The Wearable Communicators (WCc) Glasses, developed by Konica Minolta, exploit a unique and advanced HOE (Holographic Optical Element) technology that enables the glasses to be an innovative lightweight optical device. Indeed WCc glasses incorporate 3D imaging holographic components to enhance the depth of images presented.

The Haptic Gloveone, developed by the Spain-based tech company NeuroDigital Technologies, allow users to feel sensations like shape and weight when interacting with virtual objects, such as feeling raindrops or playing a guitar. The technology translates touch sensations into vibrations thanks to ten actuators placed in the palm and fingertips. Furthermore, four additional sensors, located in the palm, thumb, index and middle fingers can detect each other, letting you trigger commands and perform actions like firing a gun or grabbing a pen.

At the end of the Hackathon, the integration of WCc Glasses and Haptic Gloves will provide the first step for developing a new platform for offering fully immersive experiences in an Augmented and Mixed Reality world. 

For press & media enquiries on Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe please contact Elisabetta Delponte

For press & media enquiries on King’s College London and the 5G Tactile Internet Lab please contact Claire Gilby.