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Transcripts from witness seminars on social worker registration and the Care Certificate published

Part of the Supporting Adult Social Care Innovation (SASCI) project

typewriter keyboard with one key having the word 'Register' on it

At the Qualitative Applied Health Research Centre

Jo Moriarty discussed theoretical perspectives at the Centre's Summer School

Logo of QUAHRC

Dunedin Study receives £1.4m award to explore how aging works during midlife

New MRC funding will allow the study, which has followed the lives of 1037 babies born between 1 April 1972 and 31 March 1973, to examine participants at age...

Dunedin funding midlife study

Some people's brain function still affected by Long COVID years after infection

UK researchers have found that people with longer-term COVID-19 symptoms including 'brain fog' showed reduced performance in tasks testing different mental...

Stressed out man

Celebrating the King's Parliamentary Research Programme at the House of Lords

Unit researcher Dr Monica Leverton has been working on a Policy Research Translation project

Members of the Parliamentary Research Programme

Cross-sector workshop explores the lifelong process of ageing

Researchers at King’s organise a discipline- and sector-crossing workshop around the idea of lifelong ageing.

Lifelong ageing workshop

Developing a care partner policy: case studies from the NHS and social care

The second seminar in a three-part series about care support in health and social care

Care support seminar series

Report warns of potential AI has to perpetuate health inequalities

Dr Richard Siow, Director of Ageing Research at King’s, presented a landmark report exploring the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare to the...

Professor David Attwell, Dariel Burdass and Dr Richard Siow

The right to a care supporter: how, why, when?

The first seminar in a three-part series about care support in health and social care

Care support seminar series

Unit research presented at Homeless Link mental health conference

Jess Harris and Bruno Ornelas presented Unit work on homelessness, self-neglect and safeguarding

Person rough sleeping on a park bench

At the June Margaret Butterworth Care Home Forum

Topics were: Mealtimes for people living with dementia, and the Virtual International Care Homes Trials Archive

Blue-green concentric circles

At the Ageing and Spirituality conference, University of Waterloo, Canada

Olivia Luijnenburg presented her Gallery of Spiritualities at the conference

Centre for Innovation in Aging

Discussing hospital discharge protocols for people experiencing homelessness

Unit researchers spoke to the London Network of Nurses and Midwives Homelessness Group

Michelle Cornes and Jo Coombes speaking at a conference lectern

Gloria's Law: meeting with MPs and campaign groups at Portcullis House

A bill was introduced in the House of Commons today to make visiting care settings a legal right.

Portcullis House London

The capacity to act...

Opening the door for people with hidden disabilities and differences



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