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Global engagement and King's College London

We have recently received correspondence asking about our approach to global engagement and our relationships with universities in Israel. The following statement provides a response to those queries.

King's College London is one of the UK's top ten global universities and has academic collaborations and partnerships with over 300 institutions across the world. Our collaborations support our core education and research aims and reflect our core value of academic freedom. Through our relationships, we can pool expertise to create high impact research on global issues and create opportunities for academics and students to study and work in different environments

Relationships with universities in Israel and Palestine

As a global university, our relationships reflect the diversity of the international community that King's serves and we have relationships with institutions in both Israel and Palestine. Our current engagement with Technion is in relation to our research into ageing.

King's academics have also forged links with Birzeit University in Palestine and we are currently working with them to build research and policy capacity to tackle issues such as mental health.

Supporting academics and students in conflict affected areas

In addition, we are committed to supporting academics and students in conflict affected areas.

For example, over the last five years we have supported the training of two Palestinian academics through British Council run scholarships; and we are currently hosting a senior academic from the Islamic University of Gaza.

Another project is the Sanctuary Programme, an educational outreach programme that was formed collectively by staff and students in response to Syrian refugee crisis. The programme uses King’s expertise in education, online resources and knowledge of the region. Between 2015 and 2018, five scholarships have been awarded to refugee students living in the UK because of this programme.