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Feedback to the Department

There are a variety of ways that you can give feedback to the department on teaching.

Remember…you don’t always have to wait to give feedback via an SSLC or module evaluation. If there’s a pressing issue you can discuss it with your Programme Administrator, your module leader or Personal Tutor during their office hours (or by appointment).


Interim Module Feedback

In week three of your modules, your lecturer will ask you to complete a very short questionnaire with the aim of identifying any issues or confusions students have early on so that we can address them as quickly as possible. At the following week’s session your lecturer will summarise your responses and address any issues with the class.

This also takes place in week three of tutorials to help tailor your tutorial experience.

End of Module Feedback

In addition to the interim module evaluations, towards the end of each module, you will be asked to evaluate your learning experience via an anonymous survey.  

Teaching staff and the Head of Department are asked to give full consideration to all survey findings and produce action plans to address any issues that students have identified. These issues and the Department’s attempts to resolve them are then discussed at the Staff-Student Liaison Committees, ensuring that students are updated about how their feedback is informing teaching practices and student support. 

Responses to your module feedback will be documented on the Department’s student feedback pages. 

Department Additional Feedback

If there are additional comments you would like to make on any aspect of departmental teaching and learning which you do not think are appropriate to include on an individual module or tutorial feedback form or spring to mind outside of the set feedback times, you may send them to the Department via an email to your programme administrator.

The comments will be sent to the relevant staff member and can be anonymised if you request this.  Please send these from your KCL email address.

Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC)

One of the forums for receiving student feedback in the Department is the Staff-Student Liaison Committee.

The SSLC is a chance for staff and students to get together, discuss what's happening across the Department and respond to and resolve any issues that have come up. The views of our students are represented by student representatives (reps). The Senior Tutor chairs the meeting; the Head of Department and Programme Administrator also attend.

The types of feedback discussed at these meetings might be suggestions or concerns you have, or simply your observations: good and bad. Possible topics for discussion include:

  • your experience of teaching – lectures, tutorials and labs
  • your experience of receiving feedback on your work
  • Departmental policies
  • Departmental and College facilities – labs, the library, etc.
  • Departmental and student society events
  • the Personal Tutor system
  • the Departmental Office – communication and organisation

Whilst it is important to critique your department and the wider Faculty and College and to let them know when something isn’t working, it is important that you feedback the positive things too. We need to know what you’re enjoying about your programme so that they can continue to develop the things you feel are working.

What happens in the meetings? 

Discussions in the meetings focus primarily on issues raised by the student reps on behalf of other students, and provide an opportunity for students to report back on all aspects of their studies.

The Senior Tutor, Head of Department or Programme Administrator may be able to offer advice or an immediate solution to a point raised. When more investigation is needed or other members of staff need to be consulted, the actions will be looked into after the meeting.

What happens after each meeting?

SSLC Chairs are required by the College to complete a Student Voice Form to record student feedback and actions taken in response. These forms are published on the internal pages (links below). The form is designed to demonstrate that we are listening to feedback, considering actions and reporting on decisions made.

The aim is that all concerns are promptly addressed and appropriate actions taken where necessary. Occasionally, an issue requiring further discussion will be taken forward to another meeting such as the Departmental Education Committee. If this is the case, the outcome will be relayed to the SSLC at the earliest opportunity.

How do I contact my rep?

Your reps are eager to get your feedback so please don't delay in contacting them if you have a point you wish to be raised at the next meeting! Contact details are on the KEATS pages and internal pages.

How do I become a rep?

Please see the Becoming a Rep page for more information about becoming a rep on the SSLC and other committees.

Further information

Through the links below you will find Student Voice Forms from past meetings and a terms of reference document providing this academic year's meeting dates, an explanation of the purpose and logistics of the committee meetings and an outline of the responsibilities of the SSLC rep role.

If you have a question that is not answered above or on the relevant internal page please get in touch with your Programme Administrator.

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03 August 2018
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