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MSc Mathematics

Programme Director: Professor Jurgen Berndt

Exam Board Chair: Dr Dmitri Panov

You must take eight lecture modules assessed by written examinations and also undertake a written project of approximately 10,000 words on a subject of your choice.

Full-time students will normally be expected to take four modules in each semester and must complete the project by September.

Part-time students will normally be expected to take four modules in each year, and must complete the project by September of their final year.


Core module (must be taken and passed):

7CCMMS50 – MSc Project, 60 credits


First Semester Modules

Optional modules:

7CCM321BT Real Analysis II, 15 credits

7CCM322BT Complex Analysis, 15 credits

7CCM327BT Topology, 15 credits

7CCM350BT Rings and Modules, 15 credits

7CCMMS01T Lie Groups and Lie Algebras, 15 credits

7CCMMS05T Metric and Banach Spaces, 15 credits

7CCMMS16T Algebraic Curves, 15 credits

7CCMMS18T Manifolds, 15 credits

7CCMMS31T Advanced Quantum Mechanics, 15 credits

7CCMMS32T Quantum Field Theory, 15 credits  

Second Semester Modules

Optional modules:

7CCM326BT Galois Theory, 15 credits

7CCM351BT Representation Theory of Finite Groups, 15 credits

7CCMMS03T Algebraic Number Theory, 15 credits

7CCMMS08T Operator Theory, 15 credits

7CCMMS11T Fourier Analysis, 15 credits

7CCMMS20T Algebraic Geometry, 15 credits

7CCMMS22T Nonlinear Analysis, 15 credits

7CCMMS34T String Theory and Branes, 15 credits

7CCMMS38T Advanced General Relativity, 15 credits OR

7CCM334BT Space-Time Geometry and General Relativity, 15 credits but not both

7CCMMS40T Supersymmetry, 15 credits

7CCMMS43T Advanced Quantum Field Theory, 15 credits 

Additional Module Options

You are allowed to take at most 3 modules from the following options:

First semester:

7CCMCS02T Theory of Complex Networks, 15 credits

7CCMCS04T Dynamical Analysis of Complex Systems, 15 credits

7CCMCS06T Elements of Statistical Learning, 15 credits

7CCMFM01T Probability Theory, 15 credits

7CCMFM02 Risk-Neutral Valuation, 15 credits

7CCMFM03 Financial Markets, 15 credits

7CCMFM04 Stochastic Analysis, 15 credits 

7CCMFM05 Statistics in Finance, 15 credits


Second semester:

7CCMCS03T Equilibrium Analysis of Complex Systems, 15 credits

7CCMCS05T Mathematical Biology, 15 credits

7CCMFM06 Numerical and Computational Methods in Finance, 15 credits 

7CCMFM12 Incomplete Markets, 15 credits


Subject to Programme Director’s approval, you may take at most two level 6 modules. 

You may be allowed to take up to 30 credits from MSc modules at another College of University of London provided that these have been approved by the Programme Director. Please ask the Programme Director for advice on the credit rating of modules from other Universities. 

Any modules selected at other University of London institutions in the areas of Complex Systems and Financial Mathematics count towards the upper limit of three module choices in these areas.

The Modern Language Centre offers King’s postgraduate students the opportunity to take free assessed or non-assessed language modules. You can find details on the webpages of the Modern Language Centre.


Progression Requirements:

In order to progress from year one to year two, a part-time student should have passed at least 45 credits (3 modules).

In order to progress to the project, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • at least 120 credits passed or
  • at least 105 credits passed together with 15 credits at condoned fail level or
  • at least 90 credits passed together with 30 credits at condoned fail level



21 August 2018



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