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Graduate Diploma in Mathematics


Programme Director:  Dr Mahir Hadzic

The Graduate Diploma programme consists of a one-year full-time study programme or a two-year part-time study programme. You must take eight modules which may include an individual project on a subject of your choice. 


Programme Description

You must select eight of the optional modules listed below including at least six third year (level 6) modules, subject to the approval of the Programme Director. The list of permitted options includes second and third year modules which can be taken by Single Honours BSc/MSci students of Mathematics. Exceptionally you may be permitted to take fourth year (level 7) modules and up to two first year (level 4) modules. In such cases the permission of the Programme Director and the relevant module lecturer must be sought.

You may, subject to the approval of the Programme Director, also take up to two modules at other colleges of the University of London. Please note however that should you select Intercollegiate modules and fail them, you may not be able to re-sit them until the following year in accordance with the rules of other colleges of the University of London. 

NOTE: you may not enrol on a module that you have already taken and passed at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. Nor may you enrol for a module that overlaps with another module that you have already taken and passed. Modules will be deemed to overlap if both the content and the level of complexity are similar.

Semester 1

Second year modules: 

5CCM221a Analysis 1

5CCM250a Applied Analytic Methods


Third year modules: 

6CCM222b Linear Algebra

6CCM224b Introduction to Number Theory

6CCM231b Intermediate Dynamics 

6CCM241b Probability and Statistics II

6CCM314a  Mathematical theory of collective behaviour

6CCM321a Real Analysis II

6CCM322a Complex Analysis

6CCM327a Topology

6CCM331a Special Relativity and Electromagnetism

6CCM332a Introductory Quantum Theory

6CCM341a Fundamentals of Probability

6CCM345a Third Year Project

6CCM350a Rings and Modules

6CCM359a Numerical and Computational Methods

6CCM388a Mathematical Finance I: Discrete Time

6CCMCS02 Theory of Complex Networks

Semester 2

Third year modules: 

6CCM211b PDEs and Complex Variable

6CCM223b Geometry of Surfaces

6CCM232b Groups and Symmetries

6CCM242b Statistical Modelling

6CCM251b Discrete Mathematics

6CCM318a Fourier Analysis

6CCM326a Galois Theory

6CCM334a Space-Time Geometry and General Relativity

6CCM342a Statistical Inference

6CCM344a Time Series Analysis

6CCM338a Mathematical Finance II: Continuous Time

6CCM351a Representation Theory of Finite Groups

6CCMCS05 Mathematical Biology



21 August 2018



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