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I am a researcher in structural and molecular biology, specialising in proteins found in neurodegenerative diseases. I am a group leader at UK DRI at King’s and a Professor of Chemistry & Molecular Biology at Kings College London. My research group studies the structure, stability and function of proteins linked to neurodegenerative diseases, to better understand their pathology and design suitable therapeutic strategies. We work from a structural, evolutionary and thermodynamics perspective, using integrated approaches. We focus on two distinct but converging families of diseases:

  • Proteins involved in diseases caused by protein aggregation and misfolding, such as Huntington’s chorea, Machado-Joseph disease and other types of spinocerebellar ataxias.
  • Mitochondrial pathologies linked to misfunctioning of iron metabolism, such as Friedreich’s ataxia.

Please see my Research Staff Profile for more detail.

Key Publications:

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Key Collaborators:

  • Prof Chris Shaw, UK DRI at King's
  • Dr Sarah Mizielinska, UK DRI at King's
  • Dr Marc-David Ruepp, UK DRI at King's