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Dr Clare Flach


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I am an applied medical statistician working collaboratively with clinicians and scientists on clinical trials and epidemiological studies to produce studies that are robust and methodologically sound. I began my academic career at KCL at the Institute of Psychiatry and returned to the college in 2016 via the University of Manchester and LSHTM. I have worked in many health care areas including mental health and infectious diseases (malaria and TB), but my own research is now focused on the epidemiology of stroke and improving stroke outcomes. In my clinical trial work I have previously gained experience in large late stage trials and am now focusing on early phase trials developing my knowledge and expertise in this area. I am co-lead of the masters in public health module Health Psychology Applied to Public Health. I develop materials and lecture in statistics and epidemiology on the masters in public health, the undergraduate MBBS degree, the BRC research methods as well as the clinical research methods course for early career researchers.